Lyric Quotes... Page Three

*~-.EvEry StEp I tAkE.-~*
.-~*EvErY mOvE i MAKe*~-.
*~-.EvErY sInGlE dAy.-~*
.-~*EvErY nIgHt I pRaY*~-.
.:**iLL Be M i S s I n YoU**:

»- (¨`v´¨) y0u ComPlEtE mE--»
|[ AnD I WouLd diE ]|
¸.•*¨)iF y0u WerEn`T wIth mE(¨*•.,

* bOy´¯`•»iT’s `ea$y` 2 lUv mE n0w
[×] w0ulD u lUv m3 iF I wA$ dOwN & OuT *•.
_*¯wOuLd u $tiLL hAvE «3-LuV-«3 f0r mE [?]

.×*º lEt tHe RaiN fAll d0Wn..
-» anD WaKe mY dReAm$ «-
.. LeT |t waSh aWaY *
[. mY $anItY .]
;;`cuZ | wAnNA fEeL thE ThUndEr
[-] i WaNnA $crEaM .×*º
// LeT thE raIn FaLL dOWn..}
«-._I’m cOm|nG ClEaN [×]

yOu’LL gEt kNOCkeD thE F*cK oUt
cUz yOuR moUth’S wRiTiNg chEcKs
tHaT yO aSs cAn’T cA$h

x•.•´¯•)»iM oN thE rUn
iM Cha$inG gUyS fOR fUn [x]
*•..I KnOw u WaNNa hIt thAT
`I KnoW u wAnnA hIt tHaT, hIt tHat `::}

(¯(`•I dOnT unDerStaND•´)¯)
«•´¯`wHaT HaPPenEd tO oUr lOvE´¯`•»
.•º¨•. BuT BaBy wHEn i gEt u BaCk .•¨¨º•.
[׺:. iM gOnNa sHOw u wHaT iM mAdE oF.:׺]

([ nObOdY On tHa roAd ..}
*:. nOboDy oN thA beAcH \\
-`` i fEel iT iN thA aIR *(.
/-[ SumMEr’S oUt oF rEaCh :;,
([ eMpTy LaKe - EmPtY streets ..}
*:. ThA sUn gOEs dOwN aLonE \\
-`` i’M drIvIn bY yOur hOUSe *(.
/-[ dOn’T kNOw yOuRe nOt hOme :;,

[*] uR pArT oF mE [*]
bUt u d0n’t eVeN kNOw iT
[*] iM wHaT yOu nEEd [*]
bUt iM tOO aFraId tO shOw iT

••(x[ BiTe mY LiP ;;
•-»aND cLOsE mY eyEs¸•´
\\*taKe mE aWaY t0 ..
»-(¯v´¯)-»PaRadi$e »-(¯v´¯)-»

»-(¯v´¯)-»I cant see me lovin nobody [x]
:: but you for all my life. when «-•
••.•´you’re with me baby the skies(¯•¸•´¯)
([÷]) will be blue for all my life {..