Lyric Quotes... Page Two

Some people want it all
But I don't want n o t h i n g at all
If it ain't you baby
If I ain't got you baby
Some people want diamond rings
Some just want everything
But e v e r y t h i n g means nothing
If I ain't got -you-

i won't ask 2 much for xmas-won't even ask 4 sn0w i'm jus gonna keep on waiting-underneath the MisTLe toe

*.GiRLs dOn'T LikE bOyS gIRLs liKe cArS anD MoNeY.*
*.BoYs wiLL lAuGh aT gIrLs wHEn tHey'Re nOt fUnnY.*

wItH a tAsTe oF yOuR LiPs iM oN a RiDe
yOurE tOxiC - iM sLiPpiNg UndEr
wItH a TaStE oF yOuR pOIsOn pArAdIse
iM aDdIctEd tO yOu

iTz a WoNdErFuL fEeLiNg..
LoVe iN tHe RoOm fRoM tHe fLoOr tO tHe cEiLiNg
iTs tHaT tiMe oF YeAr..
xMaS tiMe iS hErE

.:Hes everything u want:.
.:Hes everything u need:.
.:Hes everything inside of u:.
.:That u wish u could be:.
.:He says all the right things:.
.:At exactly the right times:.
.:But he means nothing to you:.
.:And you dont kno why:.

dId you know when you go
It's the perfect endIng
to the bad day I was just begInnIng
when you go all I know Is
( you'Re - mY - fAvorite - Mistake )

[.can you rock with me.]
[.non stop with me.]
[.can you take it to the top with me.]
[.i just wanna love you babe.]
[.always thinking of you babe.]

| w|ll g0 d0wn w|th th|s sh|p
and | w0nt put my hands up and surrender
there w|ll be n0 wh|te flag ab0ve my d00r
|m |in l0ve..and always w|ll be

[x] if I was invincible [*]
[*] id make you mine tonight [x]
[x] if hearts were unbreakable [*]
[*] then I could just tell u where I stand [x]

2 ll My [ r a M e R s ] uT HeRe - - - I'm WiTh U
ll My [ U n e R d g ] - - - Ha I eL u
[ L i F ] Ur Hed HiGh n sTa [ s T r n G ] Kep [ P u h I n ] n