Lyric Quotes... Page One

broken this fragile thing now & i cant ii
cant pick up the pieces & ii've thrown
my words all around but iii cant iii cant
give u a reason . i feel so broken up &
i give up . i just want to tell yu so u kno
here i go . scream my lungs out & try 2
get 2 u , u r my only one ii let go theres
just no1 that gets me liike u do . u r my
only .. m y o n l y o n e // yellowcard

i think im breaking out. im gonna leave
u now theres nothin 4 me here iitts all
the same and even tho i k n o w' that
evrything might go .. go downhill from
here ' iiim not afraid way away away
from hereE i'll be' wayy away awayy
so u can see` how it feels 2 be alone
and not believe how it feels 2 b alone
& not beliievee anything // yellowcard

today's on fiireE . the sky is bleeding above
me and i am blistered . ii walk these lines of
blasphemy every day . and still . liike a badd
star . im falling faster down to him [her] he's
[she's] the only one who knows . wat iitt iiis
to burn . i feel d i s e a s e d . iis there no
sympathy .. from the sun . thy sky's still fiire
but i am safe in here . from the w o r l d
outside . so tell meE whats the priiice to pay
f o r g l o r y ' / / f i n c h

It's been too long and I'm lost without u What am I
gonna do Said I been needin' you, wantin' you
Wonderin' if ur the same and who's been with you
Is ur heart still mine I wanna cry sometimes I miss you

[|©unpretty©|] (( i wish i c0uld tie y0u up in mii sh0esz )) )) make y0u fe3l unpr3tty t0o (( (( i was t0ld i was b3autiful )) )) but what d0es that m3an t0 y0u (( (( l0ok int0 a mirr0r s3e wh0*z inside th3re )) )) the 0ne with the medium hair (( (( same 0l` m3eh aqain t0daii )) l[©unpretty©]l

I don't wanna be like Cinderella Sittin' in a dark old dusty cellar Waiting for somebody, to come and set me free Don't want to depend on no one else I'd rather rescue myself

EvErYdaY i FigHT a wAr agAinSt thE MiRrOr..
I caN'T taKe tHE pErSOn sTaRiNg bAcK aT mE...

*.Isn't anyone trying to find me.*
*.Won't somebody come take me home.*
*.It's a damn cold night.*
*.Trying to figure out this life.*
*.Won't you take me by the hand.*
*.Take me somewhere new.*
*.i don't know who you are but I.*
*.I'm with you.*

ive tried so hard to tell myself that youre gone, and though youre still with me, ive been alone all along

last night i took a walk in the snow
couples holding hands places 2 go
seems like every1 but me is in love