Hater Quotes... Page Eight

2 aLL U b1tchez tHaT TaLk ShYt BeHiNd My BaCk
ItS nOt My FaUlT I GoT WAt Ya LaCk

iF u GoT sUmThIn tO sAy To Me SaY iT StRaiGhT
*CaUsE bEiN aLL sHaDy iS OnE tHiNg i HaTe*

u TaLk MaDd ShYt N SaY iT W/o A TrAce CoMe On n Be a
BiG GiRl n SaY It 2 My FaCe If U CaNt WaLk ThE WaLk
ThEn DoNt TaLk ThE TaLk CuZ FaKe LiL b1tcheZ GeT
TuFf tO bEaT? bYtCh iM uNsToPpAbLe
TrYiN tA bLaZe mE? hAhA

xo It's a Shame what all You Hatas put YourSelves Through oxo
xox You talk abouT me and I dont give a fuk about You xox

(CuTe LiL bYtCh)
(SeXy LiL HuNnI)
..mE jEaLoUs oF yOu?..
(uR fUnNy)

! Look At Me and lOoK at u.!
Now tElL me hunny...
WhO's JeAlOuS oF wHo?

i goT hataz oN ma sKiLLz pLaYaZ cOpYn Ma GaMe 10,000 b1tches tRyN
2 rEp Ma NaMe

4 eVeRyOnE wHo DoNt LiKe Me~
It GoEs MiNd OvA mAtTa~
I dOnT mInD ~
n U dOnT mAtTa~

~DonT juDge Me bY wUt U heAr
BuT By wUt U nO
iF U dOnT i Jus CoNsIdEr u
AnOtHeR 2 fAcEd HoE~

Fukin..b1tch..Ho..oOo No!
DoNt DrOp Da NaMeS CuZ YoU JoK dA fLoW
TaLkIn BeHiNd My BaK LiKe 'i DoNt No'
EvRyTiMe i CoMe ThRu ItS LiKe
oOh ShYt C33'z HeRe Yo!

BeFoRe yOu {JuDgE} Me ..TaKe a GooD LoOk aT yOu..
dOnT yOu HaVe aNytHiNg BeTTa tO dO..
sEeMs tO Me yOuR a LiL sLoW To uNdAStAnD..
[iGnOrAnCe] n [JeALoUsY] Go HaNd iN HaNd..

-2 aLL U b1cthez tHaT TaLk S-h-Y-t BeHiNd My BaCk-
-ItS [nOt] My FaUlT I GoT WAt Ya LaCk-

cUz I fLiRt DoEsN'T mEaN i'M a HoE
CuZ uNLiKe YoU
I kNoW hOw To SaY NO!!

iF u GoT sUmThIn tO sAy To Me SaY iT StRaiGhT
CaUsE bEiN aLL sHaDy iS OnE tHiNg i HaTe

iM n0t gUnNa giVa fUK n0 m0rE
iF u hUrT mE- iMa hUrT U
ThAt h0w iTs g0in fRoM n0w oN