Hater Quotes... Page Seven

i`d lyke tO stik a dik in ya ear `nd fuq watchu heard talk is cheap

lOve seein` qirlz whO all abOut cOmpetin` if Only
sumbady shO dem dat tru gangsta b1tch greetin`

fake b1tchez qOtta be kiddin`.. aktin` all h a r d..den keep they name h i d d e n

i drOp shyt.. h0es pOp it.. dem birdiez fOll0w it... gOt my name in yO mOuth? b1tch swallOw it

i thrOo all da scummy b1tchez n mistaz ya`ll still remain `nd i call u ma sistaz

where da drama neva endz
we hate da law sO we break it
lOyal tO diz life- ain`t nO way
tO escape it

rumOrz r viciOus..talk iz cheap
wOrdz r maliciOus : secretz u shud keep
qOssip iz fake n i`ll make da deepezt cut sO learn
frOm da past ...keep yO mOuth shut

jealOusy..ya i expect dat ..
buh i dOn stress dat.. cuz makin` u
envy me iz wut i`m bezt at

[[ I q n 0 r A n C e ]]
.- s P r e A d s -.
|* L _ i _ E _ s *|

I've been the girl
middle finger in the air
Unaffected by rumors,
sayin 'I don't fuqqin care!'

-Keep looking my way-
-My head is held high-
-U wanna bring me down?-
-I dare you to try-

Im not worried about wut other ppl think nemore,
Its just me, myself, & I--
Bc before I tell the truth to someone,
I'm gonna give'm a good lie.

I hate when ppl get stuck in ur
So that they can get the story
& run back to tell all their friends.

Think u understand?
Trick-U cant even begin to know,
all the hell I've been thru.

no mOrE GaMeZ
Im TiReD Of aLL DiS DraMa
So WhEn YoU ReAdY To Be ReaL w. Me
Go AhEaD -n- HoLLa

[(If Ur A hAtA gEt Da Fuk OuT)]