Hater Quotes... Page Six

People Go On And Start All This Drama
By Telling On These fuking Lies
It's fuking Pathetic
If Everyone Could Just Not Trust AnyOne
This World Would Be ALOT fuking Better
Never Trusted Anyone Before Never Will
I'm Keeping It Real

I dO my Own Thinq 'nd Shyt I lOve it
'nd If ya jealOus..qood I think nada of it

they dO it tru..dO yOu is my numba One rule
lOok im qrOwn hataz? i leave em lOnq qOne

Some ppl really need to lighten up and have a little fun.. stop being so dramatic and stop caring so much about what other ppl think.. stop with the rumors and stop with the gossip.. it's a waste of time and a waste of life!

Sometimes people get called names
but nobody realizes it causes pain
people talk shyt and think they're all that
and sooner or later they're gonna get it back

SpEaK wELL oF uR eNeMiEz
..YoU wErE tHe OnE wHo MaDe ThEm..

You laugh at other ppl for what they look like
You never smile at the little things
You judge before you know
sorry hun..
but I'll be the one laughing in the long run..

joqq. steal. copy.
it's all the same sh!t.
biitch if you didn't make it,
don't take it.

-Ta aLL yOu HaTaZ-
-Do WhAt yOu Do-
-..i AiNt GoNnA wAsTe
-mY tImE oN yOu..-

yOu say thinqz tO me as if ima qet pissed
sO put it lyk this..keep talkin ya sh1t
'nd ill juss pretend yOu dOnt exist

I wanna act like nothings botherin me
Like everything's terrific
I got a couple problems with people
I won't get specific

Hating on a certain name
Only gives them the fame.

ma advice tO ya`ll iz fOrqet da lime liqht . .
FuKk wat peOple say an dO wat y O u think iz riqht

i ain`t a lil girl nOmOre
i`ve learned whO tO truzt `nd whO i shOod iqnOre

sum grlz dunnO a dam thang..a suitcase full Of drama iz bOut all dey bring