Hater Quotes... Page Five

To everyone who eva calls me a b!tch I got somethin to tell you...
A B!tch has 4 legs I have 2...
B!tches say bow-wow i say fuk you...
iM dA SwEeTeSt bYtCh
YeW cAnT sToP sWeAtiN
BuT mOsT oF aLL
iM dA bYtCh yOu KnOw YoU aInT gEtTiN

you know what bytch?
i'll date who i want, break who i want.
you all can't joqq this, can't stop this.
keep dreaming, you'll never top this.

F-ck the fake bytches that talk shyt
F-ck the people that spread shyt
F-ck the people that believe that shyt
You weren't the only one
having bunches of fun
I kept it on the down low
To bad you didn't know

U know what b1tch?
I'll date who i want & break who i want.
Ya’ll can't jock this..can't stop this.
Keep dreaming cuz hunny you'll never top this!

You give females a bad name.
Walkin' around with that nasty fame.
Youre just a b1tch who plays her game.
Angry boys know who to blame.
Girl you nasty, walkin' around dressed trashy.
Hunny, wheres your class at?
You think youre hott sh1t?
Naw hoe that’s me.

sexy little shorty... 100 percent.
tryin' to kill my rep ??
nah, you won't make a dent.

I gOt aLL tHoSe B1TcHes
sHaKiNg iN fEaR
qUiCk tOTaLk Sh1T
YeT ScArEd tO cOmE nEar

..i DoNt HaTe u..i DeSpiSe u
i CaLL u a ChiCkEnHeAd
..CuZ iT DeScRiBeZ u..
i hAtE fAkE byTcHeZ

ByTcHeZ tHrOwIn ShYt On My NaME.. DaTs A sHaME.. It AiNt Muh FaUlT iM
da HoTtEsT bYtcH iN dA gAmE

bytchses get slapped
and hoes get staples

i KnEw ALoT mORE tHaN u ThOuGHt i DiD
FoUnD OuT ALoTtA ThiNgZ u THoUGhT u HiD