Hater Quotes... Page Four

f0r th0se 0f y0u wh0 d0n't like me haha i d0n't really care! I'm me! d0n't try t0 change me..plus if y0u d0n't like me, i'm sure i hate y0u t00..it ain't n0 big thang..trust me!

people judge before they know you it doesn't matter what they say, fvck everyone who hates on me..you people are the same

b1tches wanna talk about me? let me give you some advice, click your heels twice and say "i do need a life!"

i aint tha same grl i was
n0 0ne tellz me wut i sh0uld d0
i live my life my way n d0nt tell
meeh h0w t0o0o

Da iLLeSt ByTcH 2 CoMe oUt
[ ! ]. . .U Hoz WaNnA Hate. . . [ ! ]
»KnOcK UrSeLf OuT«
GuRLz aLwAyZ TryiN tO CoMpEtE WiTh Me ]
|| ..FiNd Ur *OwN* iDeNTiTy.. ||

You might call me rude
But this is what i feel
I ain't gonna stop being me
I'm gonna remain real

Tryin' to joqq my shyt?
didn't think so
'Cuz no matter what you copy,
you're still just a silly hoe.

you give females a bad name.
walkin' around with that nasty fame.
your just a bytch who plays her game.
angry boys know who to blame.
girl you nasty, walkin' around dressed trashy.
hunny, where your class at?
you think you're hott shyt?
nah ho,
that's me

what's this sh!t you're tryin' to pull?
sounds to me like a whole bunch of bull.
you betta shut your mouth and you better do it fast 'cause i ain't gonna let your sh!t last.
you call me sh!t, i know, i know.
but too bad for you, i don't stoop that low.

To all da haters:You think youre hot,but you know the deal...well its me and you know who be keeping it real!!

Dont hate me just to hate me
Hate me cuz you aint me
Im the main attraction
Gettin all the satisfaction
Doing all the teasin
Gettin all the pleasin
Cuz I be shakin mah hips
While them boys be lickin their lips