Hater Quotes... Page Three

U walk around like u pretty in them clothes
ByTCh ThIS aND BytCh ThaT..
U wAnNA sEe BytCh?
ThrOw Up ThEm FiStZ
anD lEmmE WoRk UR FaCe WiThA bAt

You think i care
the truth is, i dont
You think you'll bring me down
the truth is, you wont

This girl right here is one of a kind
do i care what you think?
Hell nah.. keep that in mind

mad girls are comin through
and runnin their mouths about sh*t that aint true
the sh*t you talk is none of your business
the only reason you talk is because your man want to hIt thIs

you walkin around thinkin your the hottest sh*t
you dont know what hot sh*t is if you think you're it

it aint easy being me
buh it sure is funny watching people try

you know you're the sh*t when people that dont
even know you hate you

i dont care what you say. Ima be me today,
and the next day.

Seems like my name stays
[ in y0ur m0uth ]
which means I must always
[ be 0n y0ur mind]

eVeRYBoDY HaS TheiR oWn VeRSioN Of ReaL & FaKe, RiGhT & WRoNG, GooD & BaD...So LeT GoD JuDGe & MiND YouR oWn BuSiNeSS

If y0u d0n't kn0w m3 th3n d0n't ...)(judg3 m3)(... n0b0dy s4id y0u h4d t00 ...)(l0v3 m3)(...

There's a good chance you don't like me but there's a better chance I don't give a fvck.

d0n't hate 0n what you can't imitate s0 sit back, take n0tes and evaluate

y0u neva kn0w wh0 t0 trust, s0me pe0ple flap their m0uth \ * just a lil t00 much * /

i d0n't g0 ar0und tryin t0 be what i'm n0t, i d0n't g0 ar0und and try t0 get what y0u g0t. i w0rk 0n pleasin me and n0t satisfyin y0u.

i understand girls talk behind my back..but the thing is, im real and thats something they lack.

If you're gonna talk n hate
make sure your facts are straight
cause what you think i am
[...chances are i aint...]

h0es dat hate 0n me rated m0st hated.. all these b1tches despise da fact they shiver at da th0ught and hate it that i'll always have m0re game then dem n0t tw0 menti0n m0re fame then dem...