Hater Quotes... Page Two

U walk around like u pretty in them clothes
But really u aint nuttin but a hoe
So do us all a favor n go get dressedd pleazee
We already know u sleeze

tHinKn I dUn SeE u StArIn At Me
wAlKiN tHrU tHe CluB-mOvE hOe-
dIs ByTcH rYtE hErRe iS vIp
iM tAkIn AlL yO mEn STEaDiLy
aInT nO cHaNgIn ThAt mY gAmE sTrEtCh
fRuM nU yOrK tO iTaLy

sEe WhAt Is In Da BaCk oF mY mInD iS tHe tHoUgHt
-oF- tHa WoRlD wItHoUt Me In It
u FuCcErZ mAkE mE wAnNa dIe -fUcCeD uP aInT iT?-
u AiNt gOtTa LiVe WiT dEsE fEeLiNz
sOo DuN tElL mE hOw 2 fUcCN fEeL
ShYt u DuNnO mE y'AlL aRe FaKe fUcCaZ -nEvA gUn Be rEaL-

uNcOnDiTiOnAl *StUfF tHaT nEvEr FaDeS*
jEaLoUs iN pEoPlE tHaT wIlL aLwYz HaTe
Im In ThIs LyFe FoR gOoD iM nOt GoIn AwAy
U cAn SaY wHaTeVeR tHe HeLl U nEeDa SaY
iTs NoT mY fAulT hAtIn On Me Is HoW
*u SpEnD uR eNtIrE dAy*

*·.·´·.·*tHoSe wHoO taLk dOnT KnO*·.·´·.·*
*·.·´·.·*tHoSe wHoO kNo dOnT taLk*·.·´·.·*

For all that i`ve smoked - this blunts for you for all the people ive offended - yo fuck you too for all the friends i've had - yo i miss my past but the rest of you bitches - can kiss my ass

. U kNo Ur ThA sHiT . wEn PpL tAt DuN eVeN kNo U . . hAtE u .

tha illest grl that eva came out--> [!]. . .yuu
bytches wanna hate. . . [!] knnock yurself out

Don’t [ fuqq ] with me [ I wont ] fuqq with u [ dont ] insult meeh [ i wont ] insult y0u if yu got something to say [ dont ] say it too meeh cuz just [ think ] twice of wut i am and what u wanna be

Da OnLy m0tHaFuCa iN tha rockz _.WiT Da ReaLesT
CreW._ U OnLy WiSh U CaN Do HaLf da ShyT We Do

I Walk arounD wit an attitude Cuz i jus dont giv a fuck u gotta rememba Dat LiFe Aint Nuttin unless u Live It up

i don`t need your sMiLe you don`t have to aDoPt my style i don`t cArE what you think i am ...just as long as i`m n0t your scam... don`t wAiStE your time foolin me just watch it when ur tAlKiN to me you don`t have to bRiNg me up in ur convo we don`t have to aGrEe, ya know you never had to like who i cLaIm to be because that`s all just fInE wit me ...just as l0nG as you... R E S P E C T my space won`t take my place say it to my face then i can LiVe with you and i kNoW you`ll live too.

YoU SaY sHyT aNnOmOuSLy CoZ yA tOo CaUgHt uP iN eNvY WhEn yA sToP bEiN a PuSzY n FaCe mE *Ya KnOw yA aSs WiLL bE bEaT*

*y0ur a fake..y0ur a fraud..stop runnin y0ur m0uth u nasty ass broad*

I StRuT My StUfF tHrU tHe StReEtS oF dIs ToWn No OnE lOoKz BeTtA nOt FoR miLeS aRoUnD HoEz So JeLuS WhEn I wAlK tHrU tHeY dUn MaKe A sOuNd cUz ThEy AlL kNo If ThEy SaY sHyT i SlAp DeY aSsEs DoWn

I gOt gUyS tHaT DoNt sPeAk eNGlIsH...ScREaMiN mY NaME