Hater Quotes... Page One

xo It's a Shame what all You Hatas put YourSelves Through oxo
xox You talk abouT me and I dont give a fuk about You xox

all think iM aN innocent Lil GirL
So let make a bet.
If tHaTs wHaT yOuR tHiNkIn
--> You sO dot know me yEt

BaNg BaNg cHoO cHoO TrAiN..WiNd Me Up Ill Do My thing. recess Pieces BuTTa CuP..MeSS Wit Me I'LL fuk U Up

everytime u roll ur eyes wen i walk by ur letting me kno im
still DA SHYT.

Just mind your [business]
These [rumors] are senseless
Your whispers are [endless]
We living [ghetto fab]
We [spendin] hella cash
This girl is [hella bad]
[Your choice] is trailer trash

keepinq mah head up -- wit ah smile On mah face `
' laffin at dem haterZ - cuz ya'll iz such a disqrace

iTs FuNnY hOw Da FaKeSt ByTcHeZ
FrOnT LyK dEy Da ReALeSt

I RoLL WiTh LOtZz A cLaSs
UnLiKeE sUm oF Yo sLvTy
BytCHz WhO GeTt It uP The AsS

gO 2sLeEp b1tch
DiE mOtHaFuKa DiE
TyMs Up Fuker cLoSe Yo EyEs

if i gOt nuthin niCe tO sAy
tRus mE iMma sAy iT aNyWaY

You think ur all that and a bag of potato chips...well im all that and a bag of skittles so taste the rainbow B`tch

y0u neva kn0w wh0 t0 trust, s0me pe0ple flap their m0uth \ * just a lil t00 much * /

h0es dat hate 0n me rated m0st hated.. all these b1tches despise da fact they shiver at da th0ught and hate it that i'll always have m0re game then dem n0t tw0 menti0n m0re fame then dem...

f0r th0se 0f y0u wh0 d0n't like me haha i d0n't really care! I'm me! d0n't try t0 change me..plus if y0u d0n't like me, i'm sure i hate y0u t00..it ain't n0 big thang..trust me!

people judge before they know you it doesn't matter what they say, fvck everyone who hates on me..you people are the same

b1tches wanna talk about me? let me give you some advice, click your heels twice and say "i do need a life!"

U gOt bEeF w/ Me
& wAnNa bRiNg drAmA?
FuKk u HoE,
bRiNg yA cReW & Ya mAmA