Ghetto Quotes... Page Seven

ThE SaMe oLd sHt tHaT bRiNgS Me DoWn, aNoThEr dAy iN tHiS GOSSiP tOwN, nOw i WaiT aLL CoNfuSeD, fEeLiNg LiKe i'Ve bEeN UsEd, tRyiNg tO FiNd a BeTtEr wAy, tO MaKe iT tHrO tHiS FcuKiN DaY

When i fiRst meT //YoU// i wUs -RockIn- Gap |&| Had Barrettes in my hair NoW u Got //Me// -SpoRtiN- Da GucCi |&| RocAweAR

A `·´thug fella`·´ like [you] Need a `·´*thug lady*`·´ like [me]

U sHuD b My ThUg My TrU gAnGsTa gUy tHa 1wHo lOOkS aLL TuF yEt wOnT eVa mAkE mE cRy U sHuD b My bAbY tHa 1tHaT uNdRsTaNdS N eVn WeN hiS bOyS r TheR hEs LyK wAnA hOld Ma hAnD

"I was always the outcast. I didn't blend in with anyone else, my dog was my frriend. The dog didn't give a fuck if I had on hand-me-downs. He didn't give a fuck if I drank sugar water instead of Kool-aid. The dog ain't give a fuck if I ate eggs all day. He was there because he loved me." ~DMX~

Shooting for ya heart Got mah finga on da trigga I was thinking maybe I could be ya baby And you could be mah nicca.

5'6 shOrty with dimplez pOtentiaL . wifey credentiaL | Dun SliP & SliDe | | GriP & RiDe | i dOn`t knOw if it`z tha gucci hat tha lOuie vuittOn bag Or the burberry On my timbz that qOt all theze peOplez aSkin where did yOu qet that? ..

I'm young, I still got alotta drugz ˛ do Boyz ˛
screw,timez ˛ fuck up Baby I'ma live it up

Ta ALL YaW PpL WhO TaWk ShYt DuNT GeT PiSSeD WhEn U GeT DiSSeD Uz JuS AnOtHa

Id RaThA Be A ByTcH DeN A Ho,RaThA TeLL It LyKe It Is DeN BlOw ErrY BoII I KnO,RaThA Be KnOwN Fa WhA I Do nD NoT WhO I ScReW,ByTcH-Ho3CaLL Me WhA U PlEEz I AiNt ThA SkAnK WhOs AlWaYz On MuH KnEEs

Said they love them cars and they love them [[chicks]]
And they love them parties and they love that [[Cris]]
And they love them houses and they love that [[ice]]
And when they roll through your hood they love to shoot that [[dice]]

you think were at kb
but i aint got no time to play baby
roll wit your boys play hid and seek
cuz you wont ever get close to me
think you ballin out of controll
but you better slow down and kno your roll
cuz that platmiun esculade you drive
it aint even your
its ya momma rid

Ur BoOtIe MiGhT b BiGgA
bUt I gOtChYa NiGgA
uR kIsS mIgHt B wEtTa
BuT hE tHiNkZ mYnEz BeTtA
u ThInK u GoT hIm On LoCk DoWn
BuT u DuN kNo WuT hE dOeS wHiLe Ur NoT aRoUnD

LidL pimpCesz: All u guyz should hang a pic of me on ya wall
in luvin memory of da Dayz i pLayed u all

mY pReCiOuS LiL sMiLe gOeS gReAt WiTh HiS tHuGGiSh sTyLe