Ghetto Quotes... Page Six

*/-she stayz gangsta neva actin shady
stash catz like a thug but appear like a
sophisticated lady*/-

*/-i kEeP iT rEaL aNd tHaTs A pRoMiSeE
i KnO iM a ByTcH bUt aT LeAsT iM hOnEsTt*/-

you dont like me?
-gurl please-
dont confuse hate wit jealousy

im da type of grl to throw her shirt off
((not fo' u playa))
fo' the rasberry smirnoff

cLuBz - i RoCk DaT
iCe - i WeAr DaT
ThUgs - i PiMp DaT
My hEaRt - CaNt TouCh DaT

when i die, rememba what i was about..
tap da liquor bottlez twice an pour it out for me..don't cry for me..
twist up ur dutches and get high for me

one life::live it up
one chance::don't pass it up
one love::don't fuck it up

keep ur head to tha sky
lift ur life and reach up high
wipe tha tears and don't u cry
ur gonna make it if u try

YaLL HoEz gEt yA mEn CuZ Ya EaZy...I gEt MiNe cUz MaH shYtZ oFF Da HeeZy-

ThInK Ur a TuFf bYtcH? PrOve iT..ThiNk yA cAn BeaT
MeE? Go AheAd bYtcH BeE lYke NikE..jUz F'kN Do iT!

i dun hate u or despice u..i juss call u nasty ass hoe cuz it describes u

BytCheZ kEeP mUh nAmE iN dEr MouTh cUz dEy Kno I goT fLaVoR!

I aLwAyZ rEmEmbEr dA sHyT u tAlK n Do - Jus RemEmbEr WeN u FronTiN - itLL AlL cOmE bAk To YoU!

yOu AinT wOrtH a PeNnY oR mUh qUalitY tImE..So gO bLow A tHuG bYtcH 'N GeT uR f'Kn DiMe!

Im A ThUgGeD OuT ShoRtY..YoU KnOw MaH NayMe..StILl dA BadDesT ByTcH..AiNt a daMn ThaNg ChaNgEd!

Im Jus A doWn AsS ByTcH WiT TiTe GamE..U Jus a NAsTy HoE wIt a Bad NamE!

DiAmOnD cLuStA On hEr ChEsT HoTtEsT wEaRs StRiCtLy tHa BeSt

"F*** a dyme- ima silva dolla- HOLLA"

ThUgGeD oUt MaMiZ WeArIn tHuGgEd oUt ChAinZ ThUgGeD oUt NiGgAz PlAyiN ThUgGeD oUt GaMeZ