Ghetto Quotes... Page Five

i CaN SeE iT iN uR EyEs
yaLL b!tCheS aRe sCaReD oF uS
dEcLaRiN wErE dA WorLdS m0sT

YaLL LoOk aT mE aNd sEe iNnOcEnsE
BuT yaLL gOt nO dAmN cLuE WuT iVe eXpErieNcEd
iF u NeVa MeT mE u GoT nO RiTe 2 JuDgE mE
i kAn b NiCe bUt iT CuD sUmTiMeS gEt uGLi

DiZ iZ aLl i EvA hEaR......bE a gOoD GirL - juSt beHaVe. wHaTs wRoNg witT yoO? seTtLe dOwN ..kEeP uR tWo fEeT oN tHa gRoUnd. siT uP sTrAiGhT, sTaNd uP taLl. neVeR faLteR - nEvEr faLl. stAy iN sKoOl, maKe tHa gRaDe, nEveR faiL, neVeR faDe. bE a hErO* be a StaR* anything but wHaT yOu aRe

SuPaStAr..cUz ShE cOsT mOrE DeN 10 gRaNd
gHeTtO..cUz sHe
CuRsE 2 mUcH
& tALkS w/ hEr HaNdS

caNt tOp dA sTyLe . cAnT tOp tHa EfFeCt
cRaZi fUqQiN* BiShH . betta shOw Yo rESpEcT

dOn GiVa FaK iF u h0ez fLaP sHyT beHiNd mAh bAk
cUz i KnO dAt iMa ReaL BiSHh
an dAtZ oNe ThInG dAt YaLl LaCk

h0ez WaNt
MaH tItLe
AiNt a sLoT 4 Ya
iTz a coLd wOrLD
iLl kEeP iT hOt 4 Ya

i dOn`t knOw if it`z tha gucci hat
tha lOuie vuittOn bag Or the burberry
On my timbz that qOt all theze peOplez
aSkin where did yOu qet that? .. One wOrd
. . e x c l u s i v e . .

[ prettie yOunq thanq ]
everyOne wanna knOw where she reStz at .
where she shOp at and dreSs it .
dOes she knOw hOw iLL that she iz .
qOt niqqaz and brOadz
watchin all my mOvez and cOppin
my steelOz

|| i dun ask no-one ta share ma beliefz or handle ma beef ||
* ima true dyme - i stand on ma own 2wo feet*


U CAN taKe Da GuRl out DA G_H_E_t_T_o BuT U caNT taKE Da ghettO ouT Da GurL

bluntz..fortyz..& boyz

*/-My MaMiZ CaLm Me dOwN wHeN i StaRt To fLip My MaMiZ EaSe Me Up wHeN iM boUt To bUst SoMe Lip aNd wHeN SuMtHiN HaPpEns My MaMiZ kNo iT aLL aNd wHeN HoEs StaRt Wit Me My MaMiZ R tHa WuNs i CaLL*/-