Ghetto Quotes... Page Four

i g3t h1gh
cuz fuck 1t,
what's b3tter t0 d0?
this lil shortys exclusive for sure
got YOUR man wanting to hang up his jersey behind the door
talkin about how he dont wanna be a playa no more

wHeN LiL ByTcHez BriNg BeEf
iM FaR FrOm ThE CaLmEsT
i AiNt GuNnA SLaP YoU - iMa FuCc YoU Up
*AnD tHaTz a PrOmiSe*

I aInT tELliN nO liEz
EVen a ThuGgEttE cRiEz,
BuT i ShO nO fEaRs,
I CrY gAngSta tEaRz

ur stUPID woRDZ dun fAZE mE
sO talk it up bitch
go fuccn crAZy

niggA EaT da pussY lIKE A sUSHI baR*
nEVA lET a niggA hIT da kOOCHiE rAW*
mITE bUST a nUT on my gUCHI brA*

luv mi attitude-luv mi vibe
luv mi aggression-luv mi pride
nv mi integrity n mi heat
becuz in reality...
u could neva compete

i drOp shii * hOez pOp it
qOt ma name in yO mOuth biitCh?
swallOw it

i dun q0t friendz
i q0t enemiez
s0 if u r0ll wit meh
it meanz u family

DoNt LeT My PrEtTy FaCe F0oL u
iLL sTiK A bLaDe riTe tHrU u aN aCt LiKe i NeVa KnEw U

yOo GoT bEeF wiT mEe & WaNnA bRiNg DrAmA?? FuCc YoO hOe-bRiNg Ur CrEw Nd Ya MaMa!

u BeTTa KnO HoW tA BuSt a GuN- iF nAwT..yA AsS BeTa No HoW tA RuN!

wHoO dA biTcH u sEe wiT
hEr crEw DreSsEd iN EcKo n
BaBy BlUe
wiT oUr MatChiN
n WhiTe ShoEz
..Yea u KnO hoW wE dOo..

B!tCh WaNt PrObLeMz PuRsU iT LeTz Do iT
Ur GoNna GeT SmAcKeD aS HarD aS u AcT

*RoLL..RoLL..RoLL tHa JoiNt..PaSs iT DoWn ThA LiNe..TaKe A ToKe..iNhAle ThA SmoKe..N BLoW uR FuCkiNg MiNd*