Ghetto Quotes... Page Three

* ;; i`ll teach yOu hOw tO stunT ;; *
my wriStz sTay rOckeD up
my tv`z pop up in a maybach benz

Y dUn U gImMa ChAnCe To WoRk Ya FoR a BiT?
wHaS dA MaTtA bOy? YeH iMa LeT u GeT a HiT
i WhEn MaKe It GoOd 4 u So U gEt °±AdDiCtEd±°
oThEr GrLz MaY mAkE yA hOlLa BoY iMa MaKe U -sCrEaM-
LeMmE kNo BaByBoY u WaNnA bE oN muH TeAm?
bYtCh QuIt TaLkn ShYt n TeLlN mE aLl ThEsE =LiEz=
hOe LoOk Me iN tHe MoThAfUcCn |-EyEs-|
tElL mE y I sHoOdNt lEaVe u FukN pArAlyZeD
iM gUnNa BeAt yO aSs wId DiS bAt
*-LeAvEn yO fAcE 2 bEe rEvIsEd-*

gHeTtO bRuNeTtE gIvIn ThE *uNfOrGeTtAbLe SeX*
iM gOoD i AiNt No eAsY lIkE tHe FuCcN rEsT
i PuT uR bOdY aT eAsE aNd PuT uR mInD tO tHe TeSt
gEt pLaYaZ sHoUtN hOlLa BaCk BaBiI u BeTtA dEn Da ReSt

» [[- qirLSz that qOt ma LeftOverSz i qOt One
QueSztiOn fOr yOu -]]« » [[- hOw sweet dOeSz ma
puSszi taSzte? -]]« » [[- HaHa. aNi qirL kOuLd
fuk a Niqqa fOr sPiite but he`Sz qOtta -]]« » [[-
LOve yOu tO maKe yOu hiSz wiFe -]]«

ImMaTaTeD By ByChEz DaT nEvA dUpliCAtEd My RiChEz OvA
raTed n PLaYa HaTed By dOsE FaKe LIL bOyS i DaTeD

DoLLeD Up Or ThUgGeD Out No dOubT Im sTiLL a ((KnOcK-OuT))

sm0ke a b0wl we are st0nersz we have clasz mesz whit usz nDd will kick y0ur asz f0re all prpesz wh0 think y0ur co0l shut dha fuck up cuz st0nersz rule we sm0ke we t0ke we ch0ke we pasz oh l0rd what w0uld we d0 with 0ut grasz st0nersz live ndD st0nersz die but in dha end we all get high s0 if in lyfe y0u d0nt succeed just fuck it all nDd sm0ke s0me weed . .

So Watchu Sayin...I Cant Love Him?! Cuz Hes a [H]u[S]t[L]a Out hEre T|h|u|G|g|i|N. I KnO Ya W.a.I.t.I.n // S.i.T.t.i.N RouNd // H.o.p.I.n ThaT 5*0 CoMe n TakE hIm (A:w:a:Y) EveN If tHey Do I*LL RemAin TruE to L.*.o.*.V.*.e Him

I'ma do some drugz I'ma fuck some thugz I'ma drink alot I'ma smoke some pot I'ma do some thingz I might latta regret But, it's all good cuz' I haven't grown up yet.

|[ ii`ma tru qanqsta queen hOldin` shiit dOwn -» |[ thiink yOu can take mah crOwn `nd wear iit prOud -» |[ well hOe`z yOu miistaken sO bOw dha fuck dOwn -»

qanqstasz dun diie ;` `*.. we muLtiipLy

__` wha chu thOuqht eSe ; we aiin`t qOt nO
priiDe !? ..`* ____{(¬´» yOu reaDy tO see ; hOw we riide On dha sOuthsiiDe `*?!

;* harD lOviin` *; straiiqht thuqqiin` biitCh ii aiin`t dOiin` dhiisz shii fuh nuttiin

× aLL dressed up wit ma PiNk thOnG showin × × sneakin in yO roOm witOut yO mOmma knOin × × datz da way diz bytch be fLOwin ×

bytchez wanna shiine lyke me, rhyme lyke me waLk arOund caRryiin a niine lyke me, tRyna be lyke me but dat wOnt happen, so tHey qet aLL maDd anD staRt fucKein fLappeiN, then ii cOme out n dO a lil sLappiin n nicCuhz jus watCh n staRt fuCkiin cLappiin |[ tha iiLLeSt dyme bytch ]|

[[ datz y we sing fO these kids that dOnt have [ a thanq ] except fo a [ dream ] n a fucKin [rap maqazine ] whO post [ pinup picturez ] on their wallz [ all day lonq ] idolize their [ favorite rappaz ] n knO [ all they sOnqz ] or fO newun whOz evuh been throO [ shit in they lives ] so they [ sit n cry] at nite [ wishin theyd die ] ]]