Ghetto Quotes... Page Two

:-::- SnOoP mAdE mE lAy LoW
iM JaY'z CaSh MoNeY HoE -::-
-::- MyStIkAl WaNtZ mE 2 sHaKe It FaSt
JuVeNiLe SaId I cAn BaQ uP mY aSs -::-
-::- TyReSe LiKeZ dEm GiRLz LyK Me
eVeN DmX wAnTz 2 KnOw WhO i Be

Im Da LiL b1tch Ur MaN dReAmZ tA LiCk
He WiShEz Ta StIcK, bUt In rEaLiTy
He JuS bEaTiN hIz FuQiN DiCk

*eye of every qanqsta *
*that passes , ii`m that *
* y0unq dyme that ya *
*man feelz f0r, ii`m the *
* qurl every thuq ad0rez *

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But its all qravy hey baby
Shots qet popped the cops shut down the party
Jeans saq low blow smoke out of dutches
We qot love for ya`ll but ya`ll dont know us

Now we swerve in the suburban and switchin lanes
Spend up all our douqh on them chrome and thinqs
Name our kids some funny names
Dont hate on us were fabulous

¤[[[WhEn I dIe ShOw No PiTty]]]¤
¤[[[SeNd Ma SouL tO GaNgStA CiTy]]]¤
¤[[[DiG a HoLe 6Ft DeEp]]]¤
¤[[[N LaY 2 bLuNtS bY mA fEeT]]]¤
¤[[[pLaCe 2 ShOtGuNs AcCrOsS mA cHeSt]]]¤
¤[[[N TeLL mA tHuGs I tRiEd Ma BeSt]]]¤

I gota ThuG who won't Kramp My style
sum1 who likes to get KrAzY but not too WiLd
I gota ThuG who looks O so FiNe
n he aint AfRaId ta say HeLL yah She's MiNe,
I gota ThuG who HoLds me TiGhT
sum1 who LoVeS me for Me n TrEaTs me juss rite,
I gota ThuG who don't ShOw off n FrOnT of his KrEw
He gives me KiSsEs n says BaBy I LoVe YoU*

fIrSt OfF u BeTtEr kNo BeFoRe U jUdGe mE
iTs NoT mY fAuLt u ByTcHEz ArE fukinIn uGlY
u AcTn LiKe -O u StEaLn mY mAn- ByTcH hE kEeP cOmIn
iM sRy HoE iF hE dUn LyKe Ur KiNdA lUvIn
I kEeP mUh GaMe TyTe RoLlEd Up DEnIm -No DoUbT iM tHuGn-

you kame to *sHake* so
taKe it Off . . . i kaMe tO
watCh sO Break me off
and we cOuLd FuKk `tiL
earLy niqhT i SaiD leT*z
fUkK you heard me riqht