Ghetto Quotes... Page Sixteen

FrOm ThA StReeTz oF ThA GHeTTo to a StRaIgHt uP
(leavin thiz word out) ToWn
dIz GHeTTo AnGeL STiLL B HoLdIn iT DoWn
i'M a SwEeT LiL CHiCa WiD HoPeZ n DrEaMz
BuT WhEn DeM HaTaZz StEp iN I Go To ExTrEmEz
i'Ma RIP ThEy AZzEzz oH DaS FuH ShO
iF Ya DuN KnOw NoW Ya KnOw
DiZ SwEeT LiL AnGeL CaN TuRn tO BaD FrOm GoOd
DuN FoGeT i'M StRaIgHt Up FrOm ThA HoOd
i AiNt a HarDaZz WaNNaBe.. IsS JuS WhA i Am
n WhEn I WaLk iN a RoOm NiGGaZ b LyKe 'DaMn'
i StRuT MuH StUfF I MoVe DeM HiPz
i SeDuCe DeM BoYz wId Da LiCk oF MaH LiPz
n Da HoEz b WaTcHiN MeEh LyKe i'M TaKiN ThEa MaN
ThEy aInT SeCkZi & i SuRe aM
i ShaKe DeM HaTaZz oFF.. wHo tHeY ThInK ThEy Be
i GuEsS ThEy JuS JeaLoUs oF WhAt ThEy SeE
LeNa b RuNNiN DiZz GaMe nOw WiDoUt a DoUbT
sO If U'Za HaTa JuZz RoLL ThA FuKk OuT

ThE bOyZ r SAYiN *DaYuM gIrL cOmE hOmE wiD mE*
iM LikE *FeLLaZ pLeZ i GoT a MaN wHo SaTiSfIeS mE*

iM fEeLiN Ya bOo, WiTHOuT a DoUbT
So CaLL mE uP n MaYbI wE cUd gO oUT

PiMpEtTe oF tHe YeAr
PlAyEtTe Of ThE sEaSoN
uR b/F lEfT yA
AnD i'M tHe ReAsOn

So wAtCh yA bAcKs *n* MaKe SoMe rOoM
cUz DiS lil SeDuCtIoN iS cOmIn tHrU!

High Class,Ghetto butt,
Sexxy Smile,Bangin style,
Candy eyes,Blazin thighs,
Lucious Lips,Killer hips
2 bad y'all can't handle this!

whEn We ComE thr0Ugh
.... ..ya'LL seE uS shYne.. ...
n o T o r i 0 u S l y
labLed As
..dA numba wun dyme..

¤·:*:·¤iM sOo¤·:*:·¤
¤·:*:·¤LuCiOuZ LiPz
SeXy gReEn eYeZ¤·:*:·¤
¤·:*:·¤GoRgEoUs FaCe
FrOm ToP tO BoTtOm¤·:*:·¤

To all you hoesz who think u fine,
bein a ->> [1o] cent hoe
don`t make you a D.Y.M.E