Ghetto Quotes... Page Fifteen

i DoNT WaNNa Be yuR NuMBeR 1 i WaNNa Be yuR oNLee 1

youR eyeS aRe aS BLue aS Da oCeaN BaBy iM LoST aT Sea

yuR KiZZeZ N yuR HaNDS oN MuH THiGHS DaRLiN- ya GoT MeH HyPNoTiZeD

~nIgGaS SaY Im hOt FrOm HeAd 2 ToE
cUz I kEeP mY sh1t FABULOUS u HoEz JuS DuNnO
iM Da FiNeSt b1tch u EvA SeEn
...aLL ThUgGeD oUt LoOkiN LiKe a *QuEeN*
~SwEeT LiL sHaWtY cUtE aS cAn B,
nOt EvEn Ja RuLe CaN pUt It On Me.
GoT dA aSs DaT nO gUy CaN pAsS uP,
nOt EvEn JuVeNiLe CaN bAcK DiS aSs Up.
Im Da FiNeSt GiRL U'lL EvA c,
gOt MaStEr P SaYiN' "Oohhwwee."
ImMa PlAy GiRl FiNe As CaN

.blinq blinq it'z a lena thang.
.::DiP n BoUnCe::.
~>NoW b GhOsT
..DoN BoTha 2 JoCk..
..U GoT No ChAnCe To RoCk..
ęGHeTTo AnGeL PrOduKsHuNz [aka] LeNa Yo GHeTTo QuEeN

FyNeZt ByTcH u EvA sEeN
LivIn... CHiLLin
LyK a GhEtTo QuEeN

-iM dA iLLeSt ShOrTi...U kNo HoW i Do-
-i GoT mAdD tHuGz WaNtIn To CaLL mE tHeRe BoO-

. iM dA mOsT swEeTest cHiC u EvA DiD know .
. HOld mEeh TiGht & NevEr Let gO .

SuM1 WhO sTaRt wiT mE tHiNk DeY'll aCtUaLLy WiN
i jUsT wALk aWaY LaUgHiN SaYiN
. .iMaGiNe. .

iM tHa iLLeSt ShOrTy yA hEaRd*
dA ThUgZ Be LyK dAmN ShAwTy sAy wOrD*

:-::- SnOoP mAdE mE lAy LoW
iM JaY'z CaSh MoNeY HoE -::-
-::- MyStIkAl WaNtZ mE 2 sHaKe It FaSt
JuVeNiLe SaId I cAn BaQ uP mY aSs -::--::- TyReSe LiKeZ dEm GiRLz LyK Me
eVeN DmX wAnTz 2 KnOw WhO i Be

i WaNt 2 mAkE yA bOdY sWeAt BeTwEeN tHa ShEeTs
I wAnNa gEt u AlL aLoNe N sTrIp dAt PeRfEct BoDy
*oF aLl iTs ClOtHeS*
tHeN iM gUnNa wOrK iT fRuM yAh HeAd 2 Ya ToEs
wAtS cOmIn nExT bAbiI wHo KnOwS?┐?

UnFulFiLLiN WoMeN DrIVe ThEiR MaN AwAy
I KnO HoW 2 plEze Ma MaN So 4eva He WiLL StAy

WhAt dA dEaL wIt u N mE
i KnO u FeEL dIS ChEmIsTrY
i CaN tELL wHaTz oN yA mInD
iTz tHiNKiN dA sAmE aS MiNe