Ghetto Quotes... Page Fourteen

ja rulez body paul walkers face p. diddyz style with usherz grace fabolousz bling bow wowz size thats the man i fantasize.

aLL ThEzE BoiZ DaT tHiNk ThEyrE FiNe WeLl ThEyRe JuZ wAisTiN mAh TiMe CuZ i NeEdA mAn wHoZ nOt ThA SaMe... a ThUg wHo AiNt gUnNa PlAy No GaMeZ

iF u THiNK i oWe u MoNey aND u WaNNa GeT PaiD, CHaRGe iT To Da GaMe, CuZ BaBy u JuST GoT PLayeD

PiMPeTTe oF THe yeaR PLayeTTe oF Da SeaSoN uR BoyFRieND LeFT ya *N* iM Da ReaSoN So WaTCH ya BaCKS *N* MaKe SuM RooM CauZ DiS LiL HuSTLaH iS CoMiN THRu

WaLkInG aRoUnD lYkE sHe SuMtHiN Da PrObLeM iS i GoT Da OnE sHe LuVvIn tHaT bOy GoT mE bUgGiN BuGgIn wHeN sHe AiNt ArOuNd We Be HuGgIn HuGgIn Im HiS bOo N i GeT aLl DaT gAnGsTa LuViN

DoNt HaTe ThE pLaYeR... dOnT hAtE tHe GaMe... BuT hAtE tHe DaMn PeRsOn... ThAt WaS tHe TeLlEr... AnD tHaT pUtT yOuR liFe To ShAmE

YoUr PlAyiN hEr LyK u PlAyEd Me BaBy ThAtZ nOt WuT a BoYfRiEnD iS sUpPoSeD tO dO TrUeZ wUt U gOTtA bE jUsS oNe GrL aInT eNuFf 4 U

WHaT DoeSN'T KiLL MeH MaKeS MeH STRoNGeR... So TaKe My aDViCe N RuN!

*..I dUn PLaY hArD tA gEt..I PlAy TaH gEt YoU hArD..*

*..ThErE wE aRe..GriNdiN oN dA DaNcE FLoOr..I gOt OnE tHuG iN fRoNt aNd OnE BehiNd..*

*..DoN't StiCk OuT yOuR tOnGuE uNLeSs YoU PLaN 2 uSe iT..*

*..bLaCk ChErRy PaRaDiSe HaLf ThE sUgAr TwIcE tHe SpIcE I DoN't WaNnA tReAt U nIcE cOmE oN bAbY rOlL tHe DiCe!..*

We can show you how it's done Cuz wid us- it's alla bout fun We got the coolest guys and the sexiest chicks We're the class of * 2 oh' oh' 6 *

*..I'm Da TrUe DyMe 4EvA gOnNa ShiNe..ThUgZ bEtTeR wiZe Up AnD rEaLiZe DaT diS huNnI iZ oNe oF a KiNd..*

*..PiCtUrE ThE WaTcH AiNt pLaTiNuM Nd ThA RoCkS NoT bLuE PiCtUrE U ByTcHeZ NoT KnOwiN HoW i DoO PiCtUrE MeE BeTtA YeT PicTuRe YoU DrAwiN A BeTtA PiCtUrE dEn ThE 1 i DrEw..*

*..MuH cELLy'Z riNgiN oFf DaH hOoK ..DaMmN.. SoMeTiMeS iT sUx LoOkiN diS gOoD..* iMa SuRViVoR iM NoT GoiN Ta GiVe uP CuZ i HaVeNT LoST PRyDe yeT N iM CLoSe To GoiN oVa THa eDGe

[youR BaD Boi STyLe] [D R i V e S..M e..W i L D]

LoVe MuH aTTiTuDe LoVe MuH ViBe LoVe MuH aGReSSioN LoVe MuH PRiDe eNVy MuH iNTeGRiTy N MuH HeaT CauSe iN ReaLiTy u CouLD NeVa CoMPeTe

MuH NaMe CoMiN 2 RuiN Da GaMe BRiNGiN THa THuNDeR aND THa RaiN FeeL THiS GRL WiT HeR FaMe

2 THa HaTaZ WiT MuH NaMe iN THeiR MouTH i HoPe ya aLL CHoKe oN iT

We Da HoTT GuRLS RoCKiN' NoTHiN BuT TiMS We LooK 4 PLayaZ WiT HoTT CaRS & RiMS iN Da FRoNT oF HoTT CaRS...yeaH DaTS uS HaHa, LooK @ you aND ya MaN oN Da BuS!

DiS GRL iS THuGGeD ouT LeaViN Da PLayaZ eyeZ BuGGeD ouT