Ghetto Quotes... Page Thirteen

hookers are M G M! = making GREAT money

*..yOuR FrOnTiN LiKe yOu DoN't WaNt iT BuT DeEp dOwN iNSiDe U WaNnA GeT aLL Up oN iT..*

*..KiSsEs 2 MuH BiShEs AnD hUgZ tAh MuH tHuGz..*

SHuT uP DoNT TaLK To My Boy SHuT uP aND aLL youR FReNS SHuT uP youR Too DaMN uGLy SHuT uP DoNT TaLK SHyT BouT Me SHuT uP SoMe PPL R JuST NaSTy SHuT uP

oFFiCeR i SWeaR To DRuNK iM NoT GoD!!

CLuBZ - i RoCK DaT, iCe - i WeaR DaT, THuGS - i PiMP DaT, My HeaRT - CaNT TouCH DaT.

mOneY tAkYn bOotY sHaKeN * bYtCh sLapPyN fItY rApPyN * iN dA cLuB WaNnA bEh rUbBeD?


*..TrY tOUChiN mUh GuY..i ThiNk NoT..uNLeSs u WaNt a BLaCk EyE..dUn EvEn TrY tAh TaKe MaH sPoT..*

*..i'M siCc Of BoYs AnD dA GaMeZ dEy PLaY..sOmEtiMeZ i JuSs wAnT dEm To Go AwAy..*

*..rOLL..roLL..roLL dA JoiNt..PaSs iT dOwN dA LiNe..iNhALe Da SmOkE tAkE a ToKe AnD BLoW yEr FuKiN miNd..*

*..iMmA a wEeD sMoKiN diCcK SukiN byTcH..i KnO..i HoNeSLy DoN't CaRe WhO kNo'Z aNyMoRe..*

*..NoT LoOkiN fO a PlAyA LiKe yOoH DoNt mAtTa wHuT yOoH dO LoOkiN Fo a LuV tHaS tRu CaNt gEt iT fRoM a PlAyA lIkE yOoH..

*..SeXaH LiL mE..ALwAyZ CaUsiN a ScEnE..i MeAn Iz It ReALLy My FaULt I gOt Da FiNeSt ThUgZ goiN iNsANe?..* *..if WhAtCha gOt AiNt hOt--> CheCk yA FlaMe iF Wha u FiRen aiNt hiTteN--> hUni cHeCk Ya aiM & iF Ya mAn iS wanDeriNg--> * BrAnDiE’s Ta BlAmE!

*i'M tHrOuGh WiTh GuYz, AlL tHeY d0 iS LiE, tHeY bReAk Ur HeArT n' MaKe U cRy.. LoVeN' gUyZ is SuCh A SiN. DiD u SeE tHat GuY JuSt WaLkEd iN?!?

** boO bOo** bEwArE: mEsS wIt hEr bOo, n sHe mEsS wIt yOo.

some thugz are sweet . some thugz are hot . but they aint no thug . like the one i got

TaKe MeH ouT Da HooD BuT CaNT TaKe THa HooD ouTTa Me CuZ iM GHeTTo! G-uNiT

LeT Me eNLiGHTeN u... FuK iT aND FuK u Too!

*..I'm NoT a BaD gUrL..I'm JuSs A gOoD gUrL bEiN bAd 4 U..*

WhEn i FeEl LiKe HaViN FuN aNd iM aLL AlOnE i jUsT gO tO tHe pHoNe cUz yOu kNoW aS WeLL aS i i CaN aLwAyS CaLL mY GuY pLaYaS oUt tO pLaY dA GaMe tHe mOrE wOmEn, tHe mOrE fAmE

LaDiEs cAn pLaY dA gAmE tOo --bUt-- wHeN sHeZ gEtTiN dA mEn, sHeS CaLLeD a H*o FoR oNcE i WaNnA bE thE oNe dAt mAkEs dA pLaYa FaLL I wAnNa bE tHe GiRL WhO mAdE hIm ChAnGe n GiVe hIs aLL FoR oNcE i WaNnA bE tHe GiRL wHo GoT hIm tO qUiT hIs GaMe ReTiRe HiS jErZeY FoRgEt ThE FaMe*

FoR AtTeNtiOn ThEy WeAr LesS tHeY JuS MaD aT mE CuZ i StiLL GeT aTtEntiOn *juS bY wEariN SwEaTz*