Ghetto Quotes... Page Ten

bytchez wanna shiine lyke me, rhyme lyke me waLk arOund caRryiin a niine lyke me, tRyna be lyke me but dat wOnt happen, so tHey qet aLL maDd anD staRt fucKein fLappeiN, then ii cOme out n dO a lil sLappiin n nicCuhz jus watCh n staRt fuCkiin cLappiin |[ tha iiLLeSt dyme bytch ]|

|[· · · i qOt ma eYe oN dA qUy iN dA wOoLriCh cOaT /// dOnt he knO QuEeN M qOt da iLL dEep tHrOaT? /// uHhH! LeT mE shO u wUt iM aLL aBoUt /// hOw i mAkE a sPriTe cAn diSaPpEaR iN mA mOuTh..hOoOeE! · · · ]|

beEn aRoUnD dA wOrLd cOp dA sAmE tHaNq tWiCe! rUb oN mA TiTz sQuEeZe oN mA asS qiMmE sUm ..uHhH!.. sTeP oN dA qAs pOp dA cOrK n rOLL uP dA hAsH yOu knO wUt wE aBoUt SeX · DrUqZ · n CaSh

[[ to see him her walkin around wit his her headfonez blarin . alone in his her own zone, cold n he she dont care . he's she's a problem child, wut bothers him her all comez out . wen he she talks bout hisher fukkin dad walkin out . cos he she hates him so bad dat he she blocks him out . buh if he she eva saw him again he`d she`d prolly knock him out . his her thoughtz r whacked, hez shez so mad hez shez talkin bak . brainwashed from rock n rap . he sagz his pants, 2 ragz n a stockin cap . his stepfather hit him so he socked him bak, n broke his nose . diz house is a broken home . theaz no control, he she jus letz his her emotions go ]]

[[ datz y we sing fO these kids that dOnt have [ a thanq ] except fo a [ dream ] n a fucKin [rap maqazine ] whO post [ pinup picturez ] on their wallz [ all day lonq ] idolize their [ favorite rappaz ] n knO [ all they sOnqz ] or fO newun whOz evuh been throO [ shit in they lives ] so they [ sit n cry] at nite [ wishin theyd die ] ]]

in dha end yOu learn whO`z fake ..whO`z tru.. n whO`D risk errthanq fuh yOu

¬» nevah hOLd back On shii jOu wanna dO buh Let qO Of dOSz whO juSz can`t stay tru «¬

hOe`z be ridiin` `en suckiin` diick ; thinkiin` dey iit weLL fuck aLL dhat ; niiqqEe`z be Lickiin` mah cLiit ..`*

we dOn`t fake iit .. we jusz dOiin` us we jusz kiick iit .. frOm dawn tiiL dusk

__` wha chu thOuqht eSe ; we aiin`t qOt nO
priiDe !? ..`* ____{(¬´» yOu reaDy tO see ; hOw we riide On dha sOuthsiiDe `*?!

quiit yO yappiin` fOr i haftuh qet tuh cLappiin` `en have yuh bOdy partsz miix `en matchiin`

i qOt evrythanq i want in ma lyfe...cePt a ×bOyfRiiEnD× i qOt eVry sinqLe thanq i neEd...cePt dA maiN sQuEezE teLL me whOz qOn bE ma ×bOyfriiEnD×

put yO drink doWn...puLL yO thOnG up...find da
thuggest papi on da dancefLoOr...n sHaKe yO aSs

.;. i qOt da curvez...dat turn goOd boiz ta pervez .;.

...i need a hOtt thug who can handLe diz... da hOt tub wit da candLez Lit... ...i gOt da crisy cris On da bottLe Of ice... ...Lyke biggie smaLLs sayz ; wE fuCkiN tAniTe!...


itS RiDiCuLoUs hOw DeY WaNNa PuT tHeiR LiPs oN DiSs dUn KiSs Me RiTe DeA.. BaBy BoY iM TiCkLiSh

I dO my Own Thinq 'nd Shyt I lOve it 'nd If ya jealOus..qood I think nada of it they dO it tru..dO yOu is my numba One rule lOok im qrOwn hataz? i leave em lOnq qOne

this qirlz iced Out cause mOney aint a thinq
everywhere she qOez she is qOnna blinq

ma life i`m embracin` ..even wen i qOt alOtta sh1t i`m facin`