Ghetto Quotes... Page One

miss trina make da ballas wanna sturr .. hoza - notie
boots flyin` whyt da' furr walk whyt a switch pull it
ovuh make it twirk..ima' flirt till it hurts in a throwback
skiirt .. im dat bad B1tch.. foxy and don bLaze.. rocks
on mah wrist like pink lemonade.. ill take ya watChes
'nd ya riinqs . . . tell them other qurls lil' mama roCkin`
strinqs n chanel pearls . .. im baq fer my crown fake
b1tches bOw down . . dis da remix what chu wanna
do now..ii know you like da way we do diS ova herr
qet loosze in dha club liike we jusSz don`t carr

- i wonda if they`LL lauqh wen im dead -
why am i fiqhtinq to live . if im juSt livinq to fiqht
why am i tryinq to see wen there aint nothin in
siqht why am ii tryinq to give . wen no1 gives me
a try why am i dyinq to live when im just livin to
die .. [[ * ruNnin . by tupaC & biqGie * ]] .. die

.. to the remiC`x we juSt thuqqin it out ..

I been turninq niqqa's
headz since I first started
w a l k i n q'. . u jus been
givinq niqqa's head aches
since u first started - - - >>
t a l k i n q'

--d3rz suttiin` b0ut baqqy cl0th3z and tiimbz--
--bandanaz an a hat wiit a tiilt3d briim--
--d0n` want n0 pr3ppii q0ody qoOdiiez--
--ma m3n r0qq aiir f0rc3 0n3z n h00di3z--

biitch ii d0nt hate u... i {despize} u...
ii called u a h0e caz iit [describez] u...
n0w u`ve seen wah diis adorable biitch iiz all ab0ut...
s0 cliiQ dah [{X}] `nd get dah fucc 0wt....

fUk A DyMe. . .ImMa SiLvA $DoLlA$ HoLlA!
I've SeeN mANy Boyz buT baBy Ur iT
u GoT mE DraWin HeaRtz aRounD uR namE n ShyT
The Way u TaLK ThE WaY u SmELL
i Neva ThoUght I'd B triPPin oVa u.but DAMN..i FeLL

FyNeZt ByTcH u EvA sEeN
LivIn... CHiLLin
LyK a GhEtTo QuEeN

ohh y0u think ur tough sh1t, actin' like the best,
when really ur b1tch ass aint better then the rest,
thinkin' no one would put ya flow 2 the test,
n i guess, y0u havnt met me, not a house guest,
but im betta' then y0u, ya just 2 blinde 2 see,
ur just another easy mc,
nah good enough for the clubs or a birthday party,
y0u think as soon as people hear, y0u flow,
they'll run in fear?, hell no,
think y0u could fvck me up?,
i dont give a fvck,
i kno im betta' then y0u,
n all ya b1tch ass crew,
i been dared n i done-did it again,
y0u think this is the end?,