Friend Quotes... Page Nine

bEst friEndS?
nAh - mOre tHen thaT
thEy’Re mY sisters,
my tRuEst - n tHatS a faCt

t0 aLL mY bEst friEndz
& siSteRz by hEaRt
wIthOut yOu guYz
I w0ulD fAll aPaRt

i wAs b0rn a swEeT liTTle
inn0cent babY buT tHeSe
gIrLs helPed mE gr0w uP
w!Ld aNd cRaZy

fOr all the tears that we bOth cried
fOr all the crazii shyt that we've tried
this friendship doesn't have an end ...
yOu'll always remain my best friend

* KepT eVrY sEcReT CoVeReD eVrY LieD*
* BeSt FrIeNdS 4eVeR TiL tHe DaY wE DiE*

We HAvEnT BeEn FriEnDs 4 LoNg
We hAvEnT sUnG ThE SaMe SoNg
bUt Now ThAt We HaVe BeCoMe FrIeNdS
i KnO wE'll Be FrIeNds tIl The EnD!

:: tImEs CHaNgE ::
:: PeOpLe ChAnGe ::
:: bUt I KnO oUr FriEnDshIp ::
:: wILl aLwAyS bE tHa SaMe ::

my best grLz -» the true definition of the best
nothing could ever compare to tHe friendShip
i have wiD theSe grLz.. i wouLd die foa them
without even thinking but at the same time .-»

FuK tHe WoRLd iF tHeY dOnT UnDaStAnD mEe
We sTarTeD oUt *FrIeNdS*...NoW we |[FaMiLy]|

A friend is one who walks *in* when others walk *out*

I'm a LiL cutie, pretty 'n' sweet,
but mess with my girls, and you'll be beat

~A moment of anger can destroy a friendship that took a lifetime to build.~

~:-We ShOwEd EaCh OtHeR HoW 2 SmiLe-:~
~:-EvEn WheN LiFe WaSn’T WoRtHWhiLe-:~

CaNt Be rEpLaCeD
NoBoDy CaN Do wHaT YoU Do
NoThInG CaN cHaNgE
My fRiEnDsHiP WiTh YoU

If you died tomorrow, I'd be the first person to miss you.
If you cried over a boyfriend, I'd be the first person to call & make it better.
If you needed a buck, I'd be the first one to lend fact, I'd give you 2.
If you needed anything, I'd be the first person to give it to you.
If I asked you to do for me what I'd do for you, would you?