Friend Quotes... Page Eight

ShEs BeEn My LiFe EvA sInCe tHa 2Nd gRaDe
oUr FrIeNdShIpS 4 ReAl n It AiNt GuNnA fAdE
SiNcE i MoVeD wE aInT tAlk LoTz
BuT sHeS sTyLl On My MiNd n iN mY tHOtZ
BaBe Ur My #1
ToGeThEr- We aLwAyS bE hAvIn mAdd FuN

hEs hElpEd mE rEaLiZe HoW I ShuD aCt N wHuT I ShUd or ShUDnt dO
(guyz name!) WiThOuT u I wUdNt HaV eVa MaDe It ThRu

I DoNt GoTtA LiSt ThEm
ThEy KnOw WhO ThEy BeE
My GiRlS & GuYs - I LoVe ThEm
ThEy MeAn ThE WoRlD To Me

YoU MaKe Da [BaD] tImEs [GoOd]
N tHa [GoOd] TiMeS [uNfOrGeTaBlE]

*I'lL aLwAyS cArE aNd AlWaYs B tHeRe*
* LiKe U hAvE fRoM tHe StArT*
* aT oNe PoInT iN tImE*
*We'Ll SaY oUr GoOdByEs*
* BeCoMe AdUlTs AnD LiVe SePaRAtE lIvEs*
* BuT SuN oR rAiN, nO mAtTa WhAt WeAtHeR*
*Ur AlWayS mY FrIeNd, NoW aNd FoRever*

there are 0nly tw0 abs0lute's in life
|[ f r 1 e n d s *&* a l c 0 h 0 l ]|
..and the best times usually inv0lve b0th

remember the boys, remember their junk,
remember the nites we all got drunk
stayin out late, those parties were great
we've had some much fun over the years
there's so many stories i hope no one hears
after everything that we've been thru
i just want you girls to know i love you

its funny how in the end
you alwayz seem to go back to the ones
who were there from the beginning

if you see us walkin down the street
just step aside
cuz we'll kill ur reputation
and murder your pride

fiindiing a friendship liike 0uRs..'
iis like naiiliing jelLo to a tree
/ .. i m p o s s i b l e .. \

a st0ry of a few girlS who shAre a hEart
nO guys oR fights coOuLd tear them apart
[( name – name – name )]

ThErE nOt LiKe mOst giRLs
\\ nAmE, NaMe, NaMe //
aRe tHe rEaLeSt yOu’ll kN0
& if ThEy dOnt LiKe y0u
TrUst mE It’LL sh0w