Friend Quotes... Page Seven

oUt oF oUr MiNdS..
cRaZi TYmEs
i LoVe my gUrLz.
thEyrE mY pArTnErS iN cRiMe

\\ there where mOmentz we //
// lauqh'd n'criied we alwaiz' \\
\\ stOod by eaCh Others side//
// thOse many dayz spent \\
\\ tOgether wilL a l w a yz //
// stay iin maw h e a r t '\\
\\ f * O * r *e * V * a xOxOx. //

w/GoOd fRiEnDs YoU cAn Do NoThiN & hAvE a GoOd TiMe BuT w/BeSt fRiEnDs YoU cAn Do NoThiN & hAvE tHe TiMe oF Ur LiFe

OπΊ¨`•l[mY GirLs]l•΄¨ΊπO
•΄`•.•΄`•i LuV eM•΄`•.•΄`•
(.•ˆ•..pLaCe NuThIn aBoVe eM..•ˆ•.)

YoU MaY NoT ReMeMbEr ThE TeStS YoU fAiLeD
BuT i'LL BeT YoU ReMeMbEr ThE PeRSoN YoU WeRe WiTh
ThE NiGhT YoU DeCiDeD NoT tO StUdY

Whatever sent us in different directions
is the same thing that will bring us back together

I'm not afraid of the gun in my hand,
I'm not afraid of dying,
I'm just afraid of the pain it will bring,
and to see my best friends crying.

_-All of you have helped me in so many ways-_
_-You made me the person that I am today-_

TheY caN Hate uS. Luv uS. RoCk uS.
.BuT TheY cAN NeVeR SePeRaTe uS.

We StICK tOgEtHa LyK pEaNuT bUtTeR & JeLLY

thru the wind and the rain
she stands hard as a stone
in a world that she cant rise above

ItS NoT AbOuT ThE BeSt FrIeNdS FrOm ThE PaSt
ItS AbOuT ThE BeSt FrIeNdS ThAt AcUaLly Do LaSt...

.:: ThE 4 Of Us gOttA BoNd ::.
(( tHaT CaN NeVeR bE bRoKeN ))
[* mE wIthOuT ThEM ? *]
°• WhAt thE Fk haVe yOu BeEn SmOkiN? •°

FoR tHeEz GrLz I gOt So MuCh LoVe
WhEn I nEeD hElP ThEy r WhO i ThInK oF
ThEy My BeSt 2- girlz- i'd risk iT aLl 4 u

i KnOw ShEs gUnNa B tHeRe TiL i DiE
sHe TeLlz mE eVeRyThIn- sHe AinT LiE
EvEn SiNcE i MoVeD aWaY
i StYlL tAlK tO hEr- n ShE hElPz mE