Friend Quotes... Page Six

(name) __ (name) __ & (name)
bEtTeR kNoWn aS tHe NoToRioUs ThReE

0ur laughS aRe--»[LimitLeSs]
0ur mem0rieS--»[c0untLeSs]
0ur friendship--»[endLeSs]

the b0nd with these girls
cOuld never be brOken
[[ me withOut them -
yOu muSt be jOkin ]]


whEn im upSet and nuThin sEems fAir
i tUrn ar0und and y0uRe alwaYz therE
y0U help me get thru every day
beSt frIeNds f0rever, we`ll aLwayS stAy

YoU gIrLs aRe ThE oNLy OnEs
ThAt cAn SiT iN a RoOm
WiTh mE aNd DO nOtHiNg
bUt LaUgH fOr HoUrS

the two of us apart is like
Lucy without Ethel \ Sonny without Cher
Will without Grace / Bert without Ernie
Steve without Blue \ Lizzie without Miranda
Me without you? That can't come true

tIme gOes bY bUt wE stAnd stiLL
lOvE yOu fOr eTerNiTy, I WiLL
I knOw tHat wE WeRe mEaNt tO bE
tHaT’s hOw I FeEl whEn yOu’rE wiTh mE

mE & u hAvE wILd TiMeS TwEnTy-fOuR/sEvEn
Us 2 ChIcKZ aRe LiKe aNgeLs FrOm HeAvEn
wErE tHe TrUeSt 2 wHo aLwAyS sTiCk 2gETHa
& were gOnnA bE fRieNdS nOw uNtIl 4eVa

nO dOuBt sTrAiGHt oUt - i lOvE My gUyS
tHEy gOt My bACk tHrOuGH It aLl
tHEy'rE tHeRe fOr mE .. tHrOuGh aLl dA sMiLEz
wHeN iM iN tRoUbLe .. ThEy’Re fIrSt oNEz i cALL

i wOuLD DiE 4 u iN a
wIth oUt yOu lIfE iS