Friend Quotes... Page Four

tHe bEsT fRieNdz eVa [ bAsIcAlLii UnStObAbLe]
tEaR uS aParT? hA b!tCh [ mIsSiOn iMpOsSiBlE ]

Me N GrLz We'Ve BeEn ThRu MoRe ThEn AlOt
wE aLl KnO wHo EaCh OtHeR tHinKs Is HoTt
ThEsE ArE tHe OnEs WhO i KnO i CaN rUn To
ThEy ArE mY bAcK nO MaTtA wHaT i EvEr Do
TrUe FrIeNdS NeVeR fIgHt OvEr DuMaSs ShYt
ThEy aRe doWn WiD w/E aNd U kNo It

ThEsE tHrEe aRe MaH GIrLz FoReVa
tHeRe ThRU rAiN n ShYnE..aLL tYpEsa WeAtHa
wHeN oUr FrIeNdShiP iZ eVa TeStEd bY a BoY
aInT nO fELLa iN tHe WoRLd wHo CaN tAkE oUr JoY

BeTh*z mAh GiRLiE wHo ShArEz Mah bRaIn
wHeN i NeEd HeLp kAiTlIn KeEpZ mE fRoM gOiN iNsAnE
KrIsTeN*z mAh CrAzI aZz TwIn
WhEn ZaCh*z oN dA fiELd He aLwAyZ wInZ
cOuRtNii GoT dA sMaRtZ nO gIrLiE cAn cOmPaRe
KeL*z My OLdA sIs WhOs aLwAyZ tHeRe
RyAn MaY nOt Go TO mAh ScHoOL
BuT wHeN wE ToGeThA wE aLwAyZ mAdD coOL
ThEsE aRe mY cReW, My SeLeCtEd FeW
DuNo WuT i WuD dO, iF i DiDnT HaVe YoU

ThEsE aRe My gUrLs WiThOuT a DoUbT
ThE OnEs I cOuLdNt LiVe WiThOuT
* KaItLiN * iS ThErE FoR Me aLL oF ThE TiMe
* StEpH * iS ThE OnE WhOsE My PaRtNeR iN cRiMe
aNd ThEn ThErEs * BeTh * WhOsE KnOwN mE FoReVeR
aNd SiStAh * KeL * WhOsE MeAn To Me NeVeR
WiThOuT My gUrLs WhaT wOuLd i Do?
gUrLs i WaNt YoU To KNOw i'D Be LoSt WiThOuT YoU

BeSt FrIeNdZ FoReVeR
iS WhAt We'LL ReMaIn
ThRoUgH DrAmA aNd PrObLeMs
aNd aLL SoRtS oF PaIn
TrOuGh HaRdShIpS *n* tRoUbLeS
aNd aLL We'Ve BeEn tHrOuGh
We'LL aLwAyS sTaY TrUe

sUm PpLz sAy bEsT fReNz 4 eVa nD tHeN tHeY LeT gO LyF wIt oUt mAh gUrLz nD BoYz iS SuMtHiN i dOnT wAnNa nO

i wOoD DiE 4 yOoZ iNa hEaRtBeAt
wIt oUt yOoZ mAh LyF iS iNcompLeTe

LiViN 2gEtHa. cRyIn 2gETHa
i sWeAr 2 gOd mE Nd mAh fReNz r gUnNa dIe 2geThA

oUt oF oUr MiNdS.. mAd cRaZi TYmEs
i LoVe mAh gUrLz.
tHeY mAh pArTnErS iN cRiMe

I asked for a flower, he gave me a garden.
I asked for a tree, he gave me a forest.
I asked for a pond, he gave me a ocean.
I asked for a friend, he gave me *you*