Friend Quotes... Page Three

*..I oWe mY LiFe To ThEm cUz ThEy HeLpEd me LiVe iT..*

mE nD u aRe 2 cLoSe FrEnZ
I nO iTs gUnNa sTaY tHiS wAy TiL tHa vEry eNd
wE MaY nOt gO 2 tHa SaMe sKoO
bUt yOo aRe jUsS sO DaMn kOoL
iLL b hEa 2 dRy yA tEaRs
nD iLL HaVe yA BaKk tHrU oUt tHa yEaRs

YoU gO aRoUnD nOW tRyiNG tO bE sOmEoNe eLsE
iTs LyK wHeReZ tHaT gIrL i UsEdtA kNoW
JuS bE uRsELf

Xø-i LuV Muh BoYz..WhY WouLdNt i?ºx|xº
ºx|xºDiE 4 tHeSe GrLz..HoW CouLdNt i?-øX

I DoNt GoTtA LiSt ThEm
ThEy KnO WhO ThEy BeE
My GrLz n GuYz- I LoVe ThEm
*ThEy MeAn ThE WoRlD ToO MeE*

...........fOuR rOwZ OvEr...........
............wUn ChAiR uP..............
...aLwAyZ tHeRe WhEn I nEeD hEr...
.....NeVeR GiViN uP.....

CrAzY dAyS,sCrEwEd Up NiTeS
ToNs Of CrUsHeS n StUpId FiTeS
SeCrEtS wE wiLl TaKe 2 tHe GrAvE
PiCtUrEs Well 4-EvEr SaVe
ThRu ThIcK n ThIn,aLwAyS tRu
I dUnNo WhErE i'D bE w/o U

out rite i rest my case
some ppl are just strAight [[ two faced ]]

CaLLiN BoIz N' PiLLoW FiGhTz
PoPcOrN & MoVieZ WiToUt Da LiGhTz
GrEEn fAcE MaSkZ & BiG FaT LiEz
MoDeLiN CLoThEz & sAyIn yOO APoLoGiZe
To aLL MuH GiRLs I jUs WaNtEd tO SaY
ThaNx FoR BeIn ThEre N' MaKin Muh DaY

·aLLtHo iLL aLwAyZ luV yA·
·n MeMbEr ThE tYmZ wE hAd·
·Ur a MeaN LiL ByTcH·
·n yA HuRt mE ReAl bAd·
·tHo U tHiNk ItS fuNNy·
·n onLY TyMe wiLL teLL·
·tHaT pAyBaX r ByTcHeZ·
·n I hOpE yA bUrN n HeLL·
·aLLtHo U wErE WuN Of ma gUrLz·
·tHAT iLL aDmIt·
·bUt WhEn iT cOme 2 a TrU 1·
·BaBe..u AiNt S.h.Y.t·

YoU gUyZ r ThErE tO gIvE mE aDvIcE
To BaCk mE uP wHeN tHeY sTaRt To FiGhT
FoNe cOnVeRsAtiOnS ruNniN LaTe aT NiGhT
uR fOrEvA mY gIrLs & FoReVa sO rIgHt