Friend Quotes... Page Twenty-Eight

here we stand again,
closer then ever.
this girl will stay true
always and forever

forget the friend that were not true
just remember the ones that stuck by you

true best friends
when you have something great
they don't try to take it from you

the bullsh*t only made us stronger
friends for life or maybe longer

i love these guys,
they mean the world to me.
if it wasn't for them,
who knows where i'd be?

our friendship is unlike any other
if all else fails, we still got eachother.

i can't say this about all of them
but for the ones who did stay true
thank-you girls for all sh*t
you've helped me through.

when life gets rough,
i'll help you stay tough.

we've had our shares of ups and downs
and not knowing who to choose,
but these five guys stayed by myside
and i love all of yous.

even though we chill a little less
you know you're still my very best.

it's not about the ones who have been there the longest,
it's about the ones who have never left your side.

here's a fact.
these guys always have my back.

we're like four peas in a pod,
the original best friends squad.

my best friends, my crew
the ones i am rollin' with -- the selected few.

The best kind of friend is someone u can sit on a porch with and never say a word and walk away feelin u just had the best conversation of ur life.

FoR EvErYdAy We sTaY TrU
FoR EvErYtHiN We WeNt tHrU
i wOuLdNt b Me iF u WeReNt u