Friend Quotes... Page Twenty-Seven

i'm always going to be here for you
and i definetly got your back
i'll love you forever
and i can promise you that

i don't got friends, i got
enemies. so if
you roll with me,
then you're family.

i got an army,
ya'll can't harm me.

when we were twelve,
it was all so fun.
nothing bad could happen,
underneath the yellow sun.
but now, as we grow older
we realise the sun goes away at night.
and the battle of each newday,
is getting hard to fight.

she's my sister, my best friend, my pal
if it wasn't for her, i wouldn't have made it,
no way. no how.

put up with my worst moods.
go along with my crazy ideas and
still you manage to find the best in me.

a best friend is a sister that
destiny forgot to give you.

messed up fights.
me and my girls have had
some crazy nights.

always together, twenty four seven.
man my girls, are straight from heaven.

five chicks with different stlyes,
enough to drive the fellas wild!

you fuck with me?
you fuck with the crew
and well, you know how we do.

you're in my heart without an end
my girls - my sisters - my true best friends.