Friend Quotes... Page Twenty-Six

Crazy days, screwed up nights
Tons of crushes and stupid fights
Secrets we will take to the grave
Pictures well forever save Through thick and thin, always true I dunno
where Id be without youZ

My girls give the meaning of true friendship Through thick and thin and
all the bullshit
Theyd back me up in an instant

The best friends ever basically unstoppable Tear us apart? Ha bitch -
Mission Impossible -

Friends are supposed to last forever Even though they rarely do But I
know well stick together Cause the true ones always do

Chicz before dickz Bellas before fellas Sistahs
before mistahs Hoez
before broz
Sorri fellaz,thatz how it goes

I'd roll for you Throw fists for you Kill gangsta
bitches for you Even get
dissed for you All because You stayed true

*. U KnOw WhO Ur TrUe .*
.* FrIeNdS ArE WhEn ThEy *.
*. ArE sTiLL ThErE EvEn *
.* AfTeR U TaKe aLL Of Ur*.
*. FrUsTeRaTiOn OuT On .*
.* ThEm & ThEy sTiLL LuV U*.

to all my girls and guys who have stayed true
i thank God everyday for you
and to tha ones who left my side
fuck you - i ain't surprised!

its amazing how after everything we've been through..
all the ups and downs ; all the memories we made ;
all the love we shared.. we can walk by each other in the hallway ; give each other that awkward smile ;
and .keep going.. w/o even sayin hey to each other.

.::N0t many stay tru but f0r tha 0nes tht d0..jus s0 y0u kn0w i g0t madd l0ve f0r y0u::.

it was a
rough. difficult and stressful time,
but look at us,
we made it through.

when you got a problem you know i'm here for you because it's us against the world.