Friend Quotes... Page Twenty-Four

tHeSe GuRLz - tHeYrE [bEaUtIfUL] pErSoNaLItIeS -
[iNcReDiBLe] >sMiLEz - sO [MeMoRaBLe] tHeYRe
FrIeNDshIpS - [NoNrEpLaCaBLe]

i'LL B tHe 1 tO cAtCh U eVeRy TiMe U FaLL WhEn uR hAviNg trOuBlE i'LL B tHe >1 U CaLL i'LL B tHe FriEnD 2 tAlK 2 nOw, tHeN oR wHeNeVeR cUz i lOvE U sO >mUcH ~ BeSt fRiEnDs R 4EvEr

x. .it`s thE daYs wE`rE sO c r a z y. .xo. .that peOplE think wE`rE high. >.ox. .thE timEs wE laugh sO hard that wE cry. .xo. .aLl thE insidE jOkes anD >"rEmEmbEr whEns" . .ox. .thEy`rE thE rEasOns wE`ll aLways bE. .x >- b e s t f r i e n d z -

i LoOk aT U TheN aT mE w/ oUt U wHeRe wUd I bE My TWIN* My SiS*My ShAdOw*My > WoRLd*WheRe WuD i Be w/oUt MuH bAbIe GyRlz

iM CoNviNcEd uR mY SiSteR mY bEsT fRieNd On tHiS
eArTh >nO dOuBT-» wE mUsTa BeEn SePeRaTeD aT BiRtH

a BeSt FrIeNdShIp iS wHeN tWo FrIeNdS cAn WaLk In OpPoSiTe DiReCtIoNs yEt >ReMaIn SiDe By SiDe > >We'Re bLaZiN aNgElS ((tWo Of A KiNd)) GoT tHeM bOyZ sAyIn.. DaYuM yAwL aRE >FiNe!!

>*ShArIn MeMoRiEs*ShArIn DrEaMs*ShArIn HoPeS n FeArS n ScHeMeS*ShArIn >PiZzA*ShArIn ClOtHeZ*iTs AlL oF mE tHaT tHeY KnOw*iMpErFeCtIoN i DoNt HiDe*.AlL mY >sEcReTs I cOnFiDe.*FoReVeR iLL sTaY cLoSe tO tHeM*CoZ tHeYvE aLwAyZ bEeN mY >tRu bEsT fRiEnZ*

ThRu aLL dA dRaMa & CrYiN HeArTbRaKeS & hArDtImEs i KnOw ThEy'LL aLwAyS cArE >CoZ mY gIrLz r ALwAyS tHeRe

Ur Da KiNDa bEsT fREnDz DaT CuD nEvA b rEpLaCeD OuR MeMoRiEz r Da KiNd DaT >CoULD nEvA b ErAsEd

mE n My GiRlZ bE rOcKiN tHa JoInT gUyZ sToP n StaRe,
GuRlZ tUrN n PoInT wE >gEt DoWn N dIrTy ShOwIn OuR
sTuFf mE N mY GiRLZ B rUnN¡N Da sHoW sO LAD¡EZ
>HoLd ON 2 yA MeN CuZ tHeY Be SwEaT¡N uS ¤LYk WhOa

tHrU tHiCk n tHiN yOo wErE aLwAyS tRuE DuN WaNna tHiNk bOuT wHeRe iD bE w/O >yOo'Z

TiMeZ WeRe TuFF AnD MeMoRiEz ReMaiN SiTuaTiOnZ WeRe RuFF BuT We oVa CaMe > >ThRoUgH FiGhTs,LiEs,GuYs N cRiEsWe GeT tHrOuGh It No MaTtA wAt We Do ThErE >aInT nO1 ThAtS aS tRu As U'z!

TheY caN Hate uS. Luv uS. Joc uS. BuT TheY cAN NeVa SePeRaTe uS.

i GrAb wHuT i CaN dO WuT i MuST gO aFTa tHa BeSt PuRsUe WuT i LuSt iTz tRuE > DaT i cHoOsE tHa FeW DaT i TRuST

WhErE wOuLd i Be? aNd wHaT wOuLd i Do? iF u NeVa mEt mE, & i NeVa MeT yOu, >wHo wOuLd i LaUgH WiTh, & cRy TiL tHe EnD? WhAt wOuLd i Do, wiThOuT mY BeSt >fRiEnD?

If u WaNnA gEt wiTh mE iN Mi GiRlz uLL hAvE fUn i
BeT, bUt I mUsT WaRn yA, >WeRe LiTtLe pLaYeTtS

tHoUgHT oUr aTtiTuDez WeRe SwEeT? nA ChiLL
ByCh..tHaTs hOw wE TaStE h0Ez >TaLk bEhiNd oUr
bAkKz We SaY iT tO ThEiR FuCciN FaCe

AyO...a RinG iZ RoUnD rIgHt? It Got No EnD..dAz How LoNg We GuN b BeS FrEnZ..

nO matta hOw seriouz liife qetz u still need thOez few dahh u can qet >stupiid widd.!

...*WhOz ThA bYtChEz i KaN ReLy On nD cRy wIt? tHa SaMe bYtChEz i KaN sMoKe >nD fLy WiT*...