Friend Quotes... Page Twenty-Three

WhEn sHyT iS gOiN dOwN..n' SiDeS r GeTtiN tAkEn.. u SeE wHiCh FriEnDz R >rEaL.. n' WhiCh BiTcHeS WeRe FaKiN

TiMez wErE tUfF bUt MeMoRiEz ReMaIn SiTuAtIoNz WeRe RuFf bUt We OvErCaMe >SiDe bY sIdE-ToGeThA wE gReW cUz WhEn iTs SeD aNd DoNe tHaT WeLL sTaY tRu

Don'T Eva B AfRaiD to CoMe 2 Me N CrY,Don'T eva B HAsTiLe 2 LooK me N Tha >EyE,Don'T Eva B AFraiD 2 TeLL me HoW u FeEL, ReMeMbeR Ur My GuRLz n We GOt 2 >Keep It Real

You Never Really Know Who Your True Friends Are Until The Tears Are Rolling >Down Your Face. The True Friends Are The One >Who Are There To Wipe The Tears And Hold Your Hand. When Everyone Else Just >Stands Around Wondering What Happened?

we told every1 tha we are best friends we told ourselves we will be best >friends for life and we promised we never let any person get in our way friends >till da end

tHese girlLs help mE thru every head on collision even if The aCcident was >caused by my decision

all tha memories we've made.i kno i wOnt forget
>all tha trouble weve cauwsed.i def' w0nt regret >everything that was dOne.was dOne tahgethier
>best friends todai`tomorrah..fCck that*FoReVeR

I pr0misE i`LL be wiFF y0uh tiLL the vErY end >WiPiN yer teArZ aWaY bein yer bEsT fRieNd >i`LL sMiLe when y0uh sMiLe;FeeL the PaiN wHen t0uh d0 >aNd if y0uh cRy jUsT 0ne tEAr i pr0misE i`LL cRy t0o

I cAn`t pr0mise t0o FiX aLL yEr pr0bLems >bUt i cAn pr0mise y0u`ll neVer hAVe t0o faCe TheM aLonE

from all the CrAzZiE shyt that we do >i couldnt even imagine life without u >ur in my heart, u hold me together >my truest friends, now and forever

yearrz of friiendshiip n n0thiin t0o doubt >endless memoriiezz to0 many t0o count >thr0ugh all the -drama- liiez and -crazii fiiqhtz- >y0u are my best . my heart . my liife

A list of their names is sunthin they dont gotta see Cuz mah tru ones >already know who they be

If u WaNnA gEt wiTh mE iN Mi GiRlz uLL hAvE fUn i
BeT, bUt I mUsT WaRn yA, >WeRe LiTtLe pLaYeTtS

tHoUgHT oUr aTtiTuDez WeRe SwEeT? nA ChiLL
ByCh..tHaTs hOw wE TaStE h0Ez >TaLk bEhiNd oUr
bAkKz We SaY iT tO ThEiR FuCciN FaCe

AyO...a RinG iZ RoUnD rIgHt? It Got No EnD..dAz How LoNg We GuN b BeS FrEnZ..

nO matta hOw seriouz liife qetz u still need thOez few dahh u can qet >stupiid widd.!

i mEaN iT wiTh aLL mY hEaRt wiThOuT tHeSe gRLz iD faLL aPaRt <3

i GrAb wHuT i CaN -dO WuT i MuST >gO aFTa tHa BeSt- PuRsUe WuT i LuSt >iTz tRuE DaT i cHoOsE- tHa FeW DaT i TRuST

ThYnGs ChAnGe n PpL dO tO >bUt mAh LuV gOeS oUt To a CeRtaiN fEw >ThA oNeZ wHo R tHeRe ThRu GoOd n BaD >iD sAy tHeYr dA bEsT fRiEnDz iVe EvEr hAd

...*WhOz ThA bYtChEz i KaN ReLy On nD cRy wIt? tHa SaMe bYtChEz i KaN sMoKe >nD fLy WiT*...

i mEaN iT wiTh aLL mY hEaRt wiThOuT tHeSe gRLz iD faLL aPaRt <3