Friend Quotes... Page Twenty-Two

some friends will ask you why your crying but best friends will know exactly why and then go kick his ass

these guys are like no others
straight up consider them my brothers

Imma Strong chick.;
but it doesnt hurt to have yur guys behind you

my boiz are true and that’s real rare
they may beat me ^ & mesz up my
hair but that’s hOw we have fun &
that’s hOw they shOw they lOve *

I'm here for you
Anytime you're feeling under
I'm your light
Your guardian angel undercover

i'm not like them,
i don't stab people in the back.
you hurt me, i'm warning you,
i'll be the next friend you lack.

you know you have good friends
when the only way they can make
you cry is when your laughing too hard!

we`ew all a little weird `nd lifesz a little weird
`nd when we find someOne whOsz weirdnesz
is cOmpatible with Oursz we jOin up in them
`nd fall mutual *weirdness* `nd call it lOve
..guess what?¿ \\ i`ve fOUnd my weirdo! x3

nO mAtTa hOw sErIoUs LiFe gEtS ` yOu STiLl gOtTa hAvE tHaT
oNe wHo cAn bE cOmPlEtElY sTuPiD WiTh

-sHeS nOt oNlY mY siStA ` sHeS mY pArTnA iN cRiMe

Me *n* My GuRLz GoT sHyT nO ChIcAz GoT« »sO hOeZ dOnT eVeN TrY tO TaKe OuR >sPoT«

WuT wUd i Do WiThOuT tHeSe gIrLs The sTrEnGtH tHeYvE gIvEn mE iS wOrTh MoRe >tHeN tHE WoRLd

ThRu aLL dA dRaMa & CrYiN HeArTbRaKeS & hArDtImEs i KnOw ThEy'LL aLwAyS cArE >CoZ mY gIrLz r ALwAyS tHeRe

People say best friends are hard to find - thats cuz the best are already >mine

dA TrUbLe We CaUsEd nD tHe BoYs We KiSsEd dA FiGhTs We StArTeDd Nd ThE hAtAs >We DiSsEd dA LaFfS wE sHaReD dEr WaSnT NuTTiN wE mIsSeD oNLi Ma GrLs CaNn >PuLL iT lYk DiSs

aFtA AwHiLe u ReaLiZe iTs LeSS iMpOrTaNt 2 HaVe MoRe FrIeNds >iTs MoRe iMpOrTaNt 2 hAvE R*e*a*L OnEs

u MeSs WiT Me Ur MeSsiN WiT *FiRe* U MeSs WiT My GuRLz N* Ur LyFe *ExPiReS*