Friend Quotes... Page Twenty

we have dumb moments ; get mad over stupid shit
make fun of the craziest things
and in the end you still my best ; a bro like none of the rest
fresh to death friends 4 life

no matter how hard life gets
you still need that one person
that you can be [ completly ] stupid with

s t r e s s i n .&. depressing
i know i'll be a l r i g h t
cuz i got my girls to my left
and my guys to my right

we`re like soap & water... we stick together
best friends til` we go down the drain.

my best friends are Like a - » [ f a i r y t a L e ]
they BeeN there since 0nce . up0n . a . tiMe .
and will be there untiL [ f 0 r e v e r . a f t e r ]

aLL oUr MeMoRiEs wiLL be LoCkEd Up tiGhT
EvEn aLL oUr sTuPiD fiGhTs
ThE LaUgHs, ThE tEaRs, ThE cRiEs, ThE fEaRs
HaVe bUiLt Up ThrOuGh ThE yEaRs
I'LL nEvA LeT uS bE ApArT
N u wiLL aLwaYs ReMaiN iN mY hEaRt

when yOu are sad i will get yOu drunk and help yOu plOt revenge against tha scum sucking bastard whO made yOu sad. When yOu are blue i will try tO dislOdge whatever's chOking yOu. When yOu smile i will knOw yOu finally gOt laid. When yOu are scared i will tease yOu abOut it every chance i get. When yOu are wOrried i will tell yOu stOries abOut hOw much wOrse it cOuld be and quit whining. When yOu are cOnfused i will use little wOrds tO explain it tO yOur dumbass. When yOu are sick i will stay away frOm yOu until yOu are better. When yOu fall i will laugh and pOint at yOur clumsy ass. This is my pledge until tha end. Why yOu may ask... because i lOve yOu my friend!!!

I dOnT MaKe pRoMiSeS I Can'T
FuLFiLL sO WheN I SaY I'LL Be TheRe
* SoMeWaY .·. SoMeHoW *
·€ΊΧΊ€· I WiLL ·€ΊΧΊ€·

: *AlL ThA tHiNgZ I BeEn ThRo-
ThA 1 HeLpIn MeH oUt WuZ yOo-
ThErE wEn I cRy *n* LaUgH
ThAtZ y I cAlL u MaH bEtTa HaLf-
ItZ aLl BoUt uS *n* ThA tHiNgZ wE dO-
So HeLl WiT nElLy He CaN b NuMba 2

ThiS iS mUh gIrL n i g0t HeR BaCk 2 tHa FuLLeSt
iF ShEz sho0tin uP Da pLace-->Im BrInGiN tHe BuLLeTz!

* make me laugh..*
* dont let me cry..*
* always make me happy..*
*..when i want to die..*
*..when the world looks black..*
*..I won't wory about its end..*
*..cause nothing could go wrong..*
*..with you as my..*