Friend Quotes... Page Two

iF im [lauqhin] she`s usUally whY with0ut heR i swEar i`d [die]

*no matter how b a d* reality is shes always *there to face it with me*

nOt eVeN SiStErS hAvE tHe bONd wE gOt wE iN iT tOgEtHeR & wE aiNt gUnNa stOp

SoMe PeOpLe SaY ThEy GoT BesT fRiEnDz ...BuT ThAtS ImPoSsIbLe...CuZ I GoT ThA BeSt OnEs

--A true friend knos the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you 4get the words--

TrUe* Friendship is when two people can walk in completely opposite directions... And still remain side by side

You have grown to be a part of me, together forever we shall be, never apart, maybe in distance but not in my heart. You mean the world to me, you make my heart feel free. You give me an inner peace and our friendship will never cease!

TyMeZ wErE tUfF bUt MeMoRiEz ReMaIn SiTuAtIoNz WeRe RuFf bUt We OvErCaMe SiDe bY sIdE-ToGeThA wE gReW cUz WhEn iTs SeD aNd DoNe tHa 3 oF uS WiLL sTaY tRu

best friendz cudnt possibly come any betta ur my strength

|Id RoLl Fa YoO|ThRoW fIStZ fA yOo|
|KiLl GaNgStA bItChEz Fa YoO|
|EvEn GeT dIzZeD fA yOo|
|AlL bEcUz| ->|yOo StAyEd TrU|

LoOkIn bAkK oN tHaT rAiNy DaY
MaKeZ Me FeeL ALoNe In eVeRy Way
i CnT gEt ThAt Day OuTtA My BrAiN
i wIsH i cOoD HeLp u sHaRe Ur pAiN
sUmTYMeZ i wIsH iT WaS Me n nOt yOo
iT MuSt B rEaLLy HaRd wIt aLL tHa pAiN uR GoIn tHrU PpLz cHaNgE tHa sToRy N tUrN iT aRoUnD
nO mAtTeR WuT u*LL aLwAyS B tHa bEsTeSt FrIeNd tHaT i eVa FoUnD
Im gUnNa vIsIt u TiL u GeT BeTTA AgAiN
cUz u R mAh 1 n OnLy tRuE BeSt FrIeNd

aLL oF oUr FiGhTs MaKe oUr FrIeNdShIp [s. T. r. O. n. G. e. R.]
tHaTs wHy wE aRe GuNNA B BeSt FrEnZ 4 LyF nD [L. o. N. g. A.]

gUrL u BeTtA wAtCh WuT u sAy
cUz MaD pPLz gUt MaH BaKk { e V e R y D a Y}

MaD pPlZ gUt MaH BaCk LyK *wHoA*
sO wUt wErE u gUnNa sAy 2 Me aGaIn u LiL hOe?

____ tHnx 4 aLwAyS BeIn HoNeSt WeN i aSk aBoUt MaH HaIr
uR 1 oF tHa TrUeSt nD i nO uLL aLwAyS Be hEa
i LoVe u nD DaTs a FaCt
No mAtTa wUt i gUt yA BaKk

____ We HaVe sOo mAnY FuN TyMeS iN GyM cLaSs
uR aLwAyS tHa 1 2 MaKe mE LaFf
aLwAyS LaFfTeR nD NeVa nO tEaRs
wE GuNnA sTaY tIgHt tHrUoUt tHa yEaRs

i gUt MaD iNSiDe jOkEs WiD tHiS gUrL rIgHt hEa
jErRiCa nD NyRa DeF tWo BeSt FrEnZ tHrUoUt tHa yEaRs