Friend Quotes... Page Sixteen

skeemin madd lies 2 our mommas
meetin boyz after hours in our pajamas
no matta da trouble we stand 2getha
we'll be tha best of friends foreva!

were one of a kind wit krazi times i luv u girls- my partners in crime

u can have a smile on your face and a twinkle in your eye but only a tru best friend knows that ur really about to cry

crazi dayz.. hallarious nites.. hour long talks.. pillow fites.. no matter wut.. we'll always b tite.. my girls 4ever.. 4evr so right

OuR FrieNdShip BrinGs OnE GuArEnTeE iLL bE ThErE 4 U fOr EtErNiTy! Ur BeSt fReiNdZ dOn'T pReTeNd THeY r uR gRLz tiL tHe eNd CRoS uR heArT hOpE 2 dIe nEvR hAvE 2 sAy gOoDByE bOrRoW nE-tHiNg tELL u EvRyThIng ThErE w/o qUeStIoNiNg sisTeRs nOt bOrN 2gEtHa mOsT oF aLL 4EvA....

thingz change ppl dO tOo but my luv gOes Out 2 a certain few the Ones whO r there thru goOd n bad i'd say their the best friendz i've ever had

shoulder 2cry on.. rules 2 bend money 2 borrow.. clothes 2lend latenite sneak outs.. afternoon walks 3hr fone calls.. secret talks our memories will never end.. always n 4evr .:* b E s T * f R i E n D s *:.

..everything changes & nothins the same but as we grow up 1 thing does remain I was w/u be4 and I'll be till the end because we were n always will be Best Friends..

so many laughs thru the years many stories i hope no1 hears wit out u girls i dunno wut id do im so lucky 2 have friends like u

weve been thru the best n the worst but in my world u'z always come first <3

sayin ur my best friend would b a lie cuz ur my sister til the day i die

broke alotta rules cuz we away wit em cuz we*re good

i dunno where i*d be witout you girls

mess wit me n you mess wit fire..mess wit mah girls n ya lyf expires

mess wit mah girls n you will see how fast i can make your lyf hell
cuz i*d give mah lyf for these girls and take yours as well

i have many friends..said pooh..but only one piglet dont lyk us? that*s a shame cuz we the best girlies in the game

struttin our stuff..shakin our n mah girls are lil cuties

they say the people you love are the ones you die for but to me the people i love are the ones i live for

friendship is jus a word but mah girls give it a meaning

cute faces and sexi n mah girls are tru hotties

i know you didn*t mess wit me
but you messed wit my girl
n that*s lyk messin wit me
___..tyms three..___