Friend Quotes... Page Fifteen

Me N My ChicZ Got ClasS, MesS WiT Us N WelL KicK Yo AsS, To AlL Da GurlS WhO ThinK YoUz " IT " CompareD To Us YouR NuthiN BuT SHIT!!!

BeSt FrIeNdZ fO' LyFe Iz JuS A SiGn BuT ThE TrU MeAnIn Iz AlWaYz InSyDe*

no matter what happens in ur life ill be by ur side n take away the strife thru thick n thin everything within remember that i love you 4ever even when were not 2gether

we're not sisters by birth
but we knew from the start
fate brought us together
to be sisters by heart<3

Sometimes me think, "What is [friend]?" And then me think, "[Friend] is what the last chocolate chip cookie is [for]." -Cookie Monster

.. * these girls are my heart * .. .. * i aint gonna lie * .. .. * if they ever go down * .. .. * so will i * ..

~*~*Friends are 4ever, Guyz are whatever, When worst comez 2 worst, My girlz come 1st!*~*

l0neLiineSS & emptiineSS wud bE my 0nLy fRiiend iiF y0u weRent theRe t0 c0mf0rt me untiiL tha veRii end; y0u d0 tHa »haRdesT« thinG`z in liiFe th0uqh they aRe aLwayz t0uGh .. buT c0nsequenCez aRent made eaSy tHey aLway*z tuRn 0ut rouGh.. ii neveR onCe feLt judGed by y0u .. y0u listen'd t0 aLL that ii had t0 say.. y0u battLed aLL my feaRz in liFe .. untiL tHey wenT away ; y0u l00ked pasT aLL my faiiLiinG p0iinTz ; y0u l00ked pasT aLL tHa liiez.. y0u heLped me thr0uGh tha t0uGh timez wid famiiLy, fRiiendz, 0r quyz ; ii thank y0u f0r tHa memoRiiez thaT we have aLwayz shaRed . . y0u heLpeD me wiin my battLe*z --» y0u`ve sh0wn me tHaT --» y0u caRed «--

Ya Mess wit my grlz Ya mess wit me Hurt em then u'll see I'll make ur lyfe a livin hell I'll give my lyfe for em N' take urz as well

mE + mY gUrLz r da mind sHoCkin.bodii roCkin EarTh sHakin.monEY makin siTTin HigH.Lo0kin FLii kinda gUrLz da 1'z daddii warnEd u b0uT ¹4³

ur the best of friends that could never b replaced our memories could never b erased

wut evr we go thru we go thru 2gether sisters 2day.. 2morrow- 4evr

nothing means more then wut we share n o o n e can compare

no one could ever top your spots* ur my sisters n the best thing i got

i love my girls thru thick n thin n thas the way its always been
no matter wut happens we'll always b close cuz ur the girls that i need the most

~tHeRe WeRe MoMeNTs We LauGHeD-n-CRiED We aLWaYz STooD By eaCH oTHaZ SiDe THoSe MaNY DaYs We sPeNT ToGeTHa THeY WiLL STaY iN mY<3 4eVa~

were qunna stiick t0qetha *` n0 matta what *` t0daii & 2m0rr0 nA-sCrAtCh daT . . --» f0revuhh «-- . friends are the ones that see the hurt in your eyes when everyone else was fooled by your smile.

hUgZ tO mY ThUgZ
n KiSsEs tO mY BiTcHeS

2many memories 2 even count best friends wit out a doubt