Friend Quotes... Page Fourteen

* LooK aT aLL We'Ve BeeN ThRu *
* COuLdN'T hAvE doNe iT WitHoUt u *
* ThaNX fOr StAyiNg tRuE *
* CuZ wE bOtH KnOw *
* NoT MaNy Do *

(( when y0u ne3d s0mewun ))
)) juzt turn ar0und ((
(( and ii will be th3re ))
)) when y0u`re in s0rrow ((
(( juzt let me kn0w and ii`ll be th3re ))

ThEsE tHrEe aRe MaH GIrLz FoReVa tHeRe ThRU rAiN n ShYnE..aLL tYpEsa WeAtHa wHeN oUr FrIeNdShiP iZ eVa TeStEd bY a BoY aInT nO fELLa iN tHe WoRLd wHo CaN tAkE oUr JoY

id do anything for these girls cause i know theyd do anything for me

WhEn Me AnD mY gUrLz WaLk DoWn ThE hAlLz All ThE gUyZ tRy NoT tO fAlL bUt ThEY cAnT rEsIsT tHeY cAnT eVen TrY cUz Me AnD Ma GuRlZ aRe JuSt To DaMn FlY

*WhEn We WeRe YoUnG tHeY sAiD wE HaD CoOtIeS* *...BuT nOw We CaNt EvEn WaLk PaSt ThEm...* *WiT oUt DeM gRaBiN oUr bOoTiEs*

eVeRyWhEa Me & mY CliQuE gO PpL B MaKiN suCh a FuSs iiGhT CaLm Ya SeLvZ We kNo YoO WaNNa Be uS

sUmTiMeS i WoNdeR wHeRe i WuLd B iF i DiDnT kNo U & u DiDnT kNo Me WhO WuLd i LaUgH & cRy WiT aT tHe EnD WhErE WuLd i B w/o mY bEsT fRiEnDs?

Mah 2 Best Girls I Love You To Death.. Ima Hav Ur Back Till My Last Breath..

* mY 2 cRaZzy GirLiz.. I LovE u name & name ..wOw wE hAv mAdD fUn 2gEtHa..

SoMe SaY FRiEnDz 4Va- N DeN LeT go hOpE iTz NoT ThAt WaY WiT Us CuZ a LiFe W/o MaH GuRLz iS SoMetHiN i NeVa WaNNa KnO

ur friendship guarentees one thing no matta where i be ull always have me thanx for everything..

Best Friends till the end u know i'll defend you no matter when, im there for you, your there for me, BEST FRIENDS FOREVER we will always be

CrAzY LiL uS aLwAyZ cAuSiN a ScEnE AiNt nO1 gOna Top uS *dOnT eVeN tRy 2 sToP uS*

.:KoDaK DoNT HaVe eNoUgH:. .:MoMeNtZ tO CaPTuRe aLL ThE:. .:TRouBLe We CauSe:.

wE'Ll KeEp wAtevA prObLeMz wE HaD iN thE pAst.. cUz wE GoTtA MaKe diS SiStEr sHiTt LaSt

iN mA wOrLd u aLwAyS cOm fiRsT & u wiPe aWaY mA tEaRs wEn iM aT mA wOrSt tHaTs wHy u mA siStA..mA vErY bEsT fRiEnD & wEn U eVeR nEeD hELp..iTLL be mA hAnD I cUd LeNd

CrOs§ uR HaRt & hOpE 2 DiE..ClOtHeZ & MaKeUp BoYs & LiEs..4EvA DeRe TiLL Da EnD..DeFiNiTiOn Of :TrU BeSt FriENdz

FrIeNdS R SuPPoSeD tO LaSt FoReVeR EvEn tHo ThEy RaRLeY dO BuT i KnOw We'LL sTiCk ToGeThEr CuZ tHe TrUe OnEs aLwAyS dO

ThYnGs ChAnGe n PpL dO tO bUt mAh LuV gOeS oUt To a CeRtaiN fEw ThA oNeZ wHo R tHeRe ThRu GoOd n BaD iD sAy tHeYr dA bEsT fRiEnDz iVe EvEr hAd

*THiS iZ Da gIrL i nO i WoULd LiE fOr* tAkE a BuLLeT aNd StRaiGhT Up DiE fOr