Friend Quotes... Page Thirteen

You put up with my worst moods
Go along with my crazy ideas
and still.. you manage to find the best in me

You're in my heart
without an end
My Girls- My Sisters- My true Best FriENds

Forget the friends that were not true
Just remember the ones that stuck by you

Even though we chill a little less,
You know you're my very best

It's not about the ones that have been there the
longest, its about the ones who never left your side

A true friend is someone who is there when he'd rather be anywhere else

Im always goin to be here for you
and i definetly got ur back
I'll love you forever
and i can promise you that

The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart

Please dont cry, dry ur eyes, never let up
Forgive but dun forget, girl keep your head up
i'll be the one to catch you everytime you fall
when your having trouble i'll be the one you call
i'll be the friend to talk to now, then or whenever
Cuz i love you so much ~ Best Friends Forever

Every girl needs a best friend to
help her laugh when she thinks she'll never smile again
Lucky me.. I have 3 of them
name_name_name.. S4L

*i lUvEd u GyrLS ThRu tHIcK N-ThIn...
u trEaTEd Me tHa bEsT iVe eVeR beEN...
Ur MoRE tHan tHe bEsT UR siSTeRS 2..
i dUNnO waT lYFE wuD Be W/ouT FRieNdZ lYKE U!*

*sO many memOries
we cant thrOw away
tru friendz fOrever
is hOw its gOnna stay*

*KisSes 2mY B|tCheS*
*& HuGs 2mY tHuGs*

thelma n lOuise stuck 2gether
lucy n ethel alwayz 4ever
wilma n betty shared a heart
laverne n shirley never apart
but the mOst insperable 2
withOut a doubt is me n u

*MuCh Luv 2 My fRiEnDs *U* KnOw WhO u R* *MuCh LuV 2 My *TrUe* FrIeNdS *I* KnOw WhO u R*