Friend Quotes... Page Eleven

Me and my girls are like stars. ~We're gonna shine FOREVA!~

Me And My Girls Don't Turn Heads..We Break Necks!

AiN't nO sToPPiN' uS AiN't nO ToPPiN' uS
We Da UnBeAtAbLe..Da UnBeLiEvAbLe
GeT iT oFF yOuR cHeSt
Me aNd mY gYrLs aRe dA BeSt!

~The road to a friend's house is never long.~

Friends may CoMe and Go, but enemies *accumulate*.

My gUrLs GiVe tHe MeAnInG oF tRuE ((fRiEnDsHiP))
tHrU tHiCk & tHiN & aLL tHe ShYt
tHeY*d bAcK mE uP iN aN iNsTaNt

* wE dO nOtHiNg aLoNe *
EvErYtHiN ToGeThA tHaTs cUz wE'LL bE BeSt FriEnDs FoReVa

Ladies and gentlemen, without further adue
i'd like to introduce the ladiez that stayed *tru*

YoU gUyS r ThErE tO GiVe mE aDviCe
To BaCk mE uP wHeN tHeY sTaRt To FiGhT
pHoNe cOnVeRsAtiOnS ruNniN LaTe aT NiGhT
uR fOrEvA mY gIrLs & FoReVa sO RiGhT

MaH LaDiEz
i LuV eM
..pLaCe NuThIn aBoVe eM..

No ChIcKz CoMpArE tO HoW hOtT WE aRe
My cReW gOt yA sWeAtIn nO mAtTa hOw FaR

*WhEn PuSh CoMeZ To ShoVe*
*My gIrLz GeT aLL My LoVe*

~muh babi dawls is what its all about
~if yew a hot boy go ahead-n-shout
~but if you a playa dont try-n-halla
~cuz me-n-my gurlz be lookin 4a rich balla

BeSt FrIeNdS aRe tHe OnEs wHo sEe tHe HuRt iN YoUr
EyEs wHiLe EvErYoNe eLsE iS fOoLeD bY YoUr sMiLe

youNG -N- ReBeLLiouS WHo BeTTeR THeN uS??
NoT a SouL....WeRe ouTTa CoNTRoL!
Me 'N MaH CReW HeRe To STay!

We WeReNt FrIeNdS tHeM kInDeRgArTeN dAyZ
BuT wE'vE gRoWn ToGeThEr In So MaNy WaYz
ItS aMaZiNg HoW wE aRe So ClOsE
If U eVeR nEeD mE i'Ll Do ThE vErAh MoSt
I lOvE u BaBe MoRe ThAn AnYoNe EvEr

True friends, like diamonds,
are precious and rare.
Fake friends,
like autumn leaves are found everywhere.