Friend Quotes... Page One

TeLL eAcHoThA eVeRytHiN WiToUt a dOuBt
yOuS nO My LiFe iNSiDe nD oUt

.*.YoUr My ShOuLdEr tO CrY On.*.
.*.tHe OnE I reLy oN.*.
*.YoUr WuT HoLds Me tOgeThEr.*.
.*.YoUr My BeSt FriEnD FoReVeR.*.

We sTuCk ToGeThA oUr WhOlE lIvEs ThRoU
i CaN tRuLii SaY i AlWaYs bE hErE fO yOo

TrIpPiN oVa gUiiS lAuGhIn Fo No ReAsOn
Me AnD mYy GrLs Ha yOu'Ll nEvA bE

tHrU aLl dA dRaMa, "fRiEnDz" &* tEaRz
Yu gIrLs wErE ThErE ThRu-oUt tHe YeArZ

gUrL uR mAh bEsT fRiEnD n iT WiLL aLwAyS b LyK tHaT nO mAtTa wUt iMa hAvE uR bAk

iT dOeSn`T mAtTeR hOw MaNy FriEnDsZ yOu HaVe
- ->> jUsT hOw MaNy yOu CaN aCtUaLlY cOuNt On

Standing [by] All the [way] Here to [help] you through [your] day [Holding] you up When you are [weak [Helping] you find what it is you seek Catching your [tears] When you [cry] Pulling you [through] when the tide is [high] [Absorbing] your voice When you [talk] Standing by when you [learn] to walk Just [being] there Through [thick] and [thin] All just to say, you are my [friend]

A stranger stabs you in the front. A boyfriend stabs you in the heart. A best friend stabs you in the back, But best friends don't carry knives

* smiles -n- tears.. giggles -n- laughs late nite phone calls -n- cute photographs ill be there for you until the day after my death Bbf untill mi very last breath!

my otha half ,and what holds me 2gether

..*")fRiEnDs tRy tO PrOVe Ur Not A ReTaRdEd psYcHopAtH ("*.. ..*")BeSt FrIendS JuS sHarE thE rEtArdEdNesS wItH yOu("*..

EvErYThInG ChAnGeS NoThInG sTaYs tHe SaMe uT As We gRoW uP oNe ThInG DoEs ReMaIn: I wAs w/ yoU bEfOrE I WiLL bE TiLL tHe EnD CaUsE nOtHiNg oN eArTh CoUlD rEpLaCe mY bEsT FrIeNdS

me with0ut y0u girls is like a h0oker w. *No Luck* a h0e that d0n`t *Suck* n a s|ut that d0n`t *Fuck

CrAzY LiL uS aLwAyZ cAuSiN a ScEnE AiNt nO1 gOna Top uS *dOnT eVeN tRy 2 sToP uS*

wE'Ll KeEp wAtevA prObLeMz wE HaD iN thE pAst.. cUz wE GoTtA MaKe diS SiStEr sHiTt LaSt

FrIeNdS R SuPPoSeD tO LaSt FoReVeR EvEn tHo ThEy RaRLeY dO BuT i KnOw We'LL sTiCk ToGeThEr CuZ tHe TrUe OnEs aLwAyS dO

ThYnGs ChAnGe n PpL dO tO bUt mAh LuV gOeS oUt To a CeRtaiN fEw ThA oNeZ wHo R tHeRe ThRu GoOd n BaD iD sAy tHeYr dA bEsT fRiEnDz iVe EvEr hAd

BeSt FrIeNdZ fO' LyFe Iz JuS A SiGn BuT ThE TrU MeAnIn Iz AlWaYz InSyDe*

....Its Not aBoUt ThE fRiEnDs In The *P a S t ....iT's aBoUt ThE fRiEnDs ThaT aCtUaLLy L a S t*

* mE nD hEr aRe sTucK LiKe gLuE * * wHeN wE wALk pAsT tHe gUyS tHeY gO * * dAaMmM tHeRes tWo?! *