Cute Quotes... Page Nine

-I Wanna Be Remembered As The Girl Who Always Smiled…
Even When Her Heart Was Broken…
The One Who'd Brighten Your Day…
Even When She Couldn't Even
-Brighten Her Own-

How It Happens-
I Don't Care.
If It's Raining,
Or What I Wear.
I Know Today Is Taking Me
Where I'm Meant To Be.

·..·*¨)look at me now(¨*·..·»
(¨*·..·»tell me what you see«·..·*¨)
«·..·*¨)its a whole new game now(¨*·..·»
(¨*·..·»im not the girl i used to be«·..·*¨)

i KnO jUsT hOW tO wHiSpEr
i KnOw jUsT hOW tO cRy
i KnO wHeRe tO fInD tHe AnSwErS
aNd i KnO jUs HoW tO LiE
i KnOw jUs hOw tO fAkE iT
i KnOw jUs hOw tO sChEmE
i KnO jUsT wHeN tO fAcE tHe tRuTh
AnD wHeN tO sTiCk tO dReAmS

Death scares me
I do believe in God
but wouldnt it be weird
without breathing?
would we still know
the people we knew
here on Earth?
Everyone dies
and i was taught
they don`t come back
to Earth
I wonder where they are
and what they are doing
are they just gone?
or are they happy
with God in Heaven

Gurlz are so mean and there aint no doubt bout it
Be Calling me a hoe, slvt, skank, all that shyt u name it
It hurts to be called names when ur jus bein u
Im sorry I do things differently then you wud do

YoUr WoRdS wILL nEVEr bReAk Me
No MaTtEr wHaT yOU SaY
JuSt bEcAuSe iM DiFfErEnT DoEsNt mAkE mE tHe oNe tO bLaMe

:iM jUs MeSsiN.i AiNt StReSsiN.iM jUs PlaYiN.i AiNt CoMmiTiN.iM jUs LiViN.
.i AiNt GiViN.iM jUs HaViN.fUn.i AiNt BEiN hELd DoWn bY nOnE.

youve labeled your whole lifestyle
and changed the way you dress
now take a good look in the mirror
and tell me, who are you trying to impress