Cute Quotes... Page Eight

SiCk Of ThEsE bOyZ nD tHe GaMeS tHeY pLaY..
EiThA yOu LuV Me Or yA dOnT...
..::* bOuNcE oR sTaY*::..

Life’s a * b|tch *
Cuz if it were a * s|ut *
It would be * EaSy *

*I liked you so much
I didn't tell you
I didn't want to damage
A friendship so true

I need you
I want you.
Why can't I have you

All i want is a guy who can make me smile. A guy that can b truthful 2 me. A guy whose love will b never ending. And a guy who would rather b in pain than c me cry a tear bc of a broken heart!

Are you *[infatuated]* with me..I could end your *
[curiousity]* if you don't think I'm too's your chance to *[make your move.]*

Oh.. [ kiss me ] beneath the milky twilight
Lead me, out on the moonlit floor
Lift your open hand
Strike up the band and make the fireflies dance
Silver moon's sparkling
So [ kiss me ]

I hate you.. and then I love you..
it's like I want to throw you off a cliff..
then rush to the bottom to catch you

tHere are tUlips in mY garDen
theRe are tuliPs in tHe paRk
but n0thing is m0re be beaUtiful
thEn 0ur tw0 lipS meeTing in thE dArk

GiRLz LyK mE giVe MaGiCaL kiSsEs :: gRaNt MaGiCaL wiShEs ::
:: MaKe DrEaMs CuM tRu :: aNd OnLy LoVe A sELeCtEd FeW ::

Catch me, I'm a shooting star
[ m A k E . a . w I s H ]
Close your eyes, cross your heart

mY sMiLe gOt bOyS wAnTiN tO bE mY bOo
BuT iM NoT SmiLiN aT ThEm
..iM SmiLiN aT yoU..

°*°I WaNnA Be ThE OnE HeS ChIlLiN WiTh
*{ h U g g I n & K i S s I N }*
WhEn We AiNt ToGeThEr I WaNnA Be ThE OnE HeS GoNnA Be *{ M i S s I n }*

i wAnt a b0y WiT HiS 0wN sTyLe
wHo'S sExY sWeEt AnD KiNdA WiLd
a BoY wHo SeEs Me As HiS ReAs0n t0 bReAtHe
DaTs ThA KinDa b0i I NeEd

A wise monkey never monkies with another monkey's monkey!