Cute Quotes... Page Seven

uM 1 WhO sTaRt wiT mE tHiNk DeY'll aCtUaLLy WiN
i jUsT wALk aWaY LaUgHiN SaYiN
. .iMaGiNe. .

If LoOkZ cOuLd ReAlLy KiLl
ThEn My PrOfEsSiOn WoUlD bE

::unplug the lava-lamp::
::c0z im*0utiie f0lkzs:

People tell me to follow my heart
Well what am i supposed to do when my heart
L~e~a~d~>s to yOu

All im asking for is one night together
just you and me, all alone, and if you can honestly tell me
you dont feel anything for me
after that night.. i will finally let you go

I like the whole single, party, fun thing
But i never mind the kissing, holding hands, im his girl thing

i wonder...
where does love go?
one day they love you.. the next
they dont once you love someone..
..they are apart of you forever

the one and only thing i want right now is to find
a guy who likes me for me.. a guy who isn't afraid
to act like himself around me and me to be able to act like
myself around me -- someone to cuddle with and make me feel wanted..
someone to love and someone to love me

in our own little world
where the music becomes the sun
and the dance floor becomes the sea
Feels like PaRaDiSe to mE!

I dont care if you think im crazy
it doesn't matter if it turns out bad
I've got no fear of losing you
*You cant lose what you never had*

.you walk by and my heart beats.
.a 1000 times at once it seems.
.an everytime you look at me.
.i just have to tell myself to breathe.
.with just a smile u capture me and i start to melt.
.emotions then take me over.
.like i've never felt.
.i could tell my heart each time- it isnt your love- your just some guy-theres nothing there.
.an what i feel is in my head, its not real.
.but i cant deny it- cant even try-cuz i know its inside
...*Butterflies Don't Lie*...

Being single is like a VaCuUm cLEaNeR...
*it SUCKS when you're turned on*