Cute Quotes... Page Six

SeXi LiL aSs iN mAh bLaCk ThOnG BaNgIn BoDy
& dA bOyZ KeEP mOvIn ALoNg

Baby anything n everything i make it ---» *HiP pOpAbLe* «---

Don`t have sex, that leads to kissing,
then after that u may even start talking

*x*iF iM dAdDyZ LiL gUrL *
*dEn I cAnT bE wIt Da bOiZ...*
*So i`LL hIde ThEm In My RoOm N*
*TeLL dAdDy ThEy`Re MuH tOyZz*x*

DoN’t WaLk bEhinD mE uR nOT mY sLaVe
DoNt WaLk NeXt tO mE wErE nOT EqUaL
bUt PLEASE wALk In FrOnT oF mE...
cOz DaYuM u GoT a NiCe aZz

ItZ nOt CaLLeD ShOwiN OfF...
ItZ CaLLeD U BeiN MaD CaUsE u CaN'T dO iT...

I’Ve BeeN gOiN HaLf cRaZi 4 yoUr LoVe
& i WaS toLd ThAt tHa SeX iS bEttEr tHaN dRuGs ~
ThEn GeT * A D D I C T E D *~
BoY LiStEn . . .
. iM tHa 0nLy PiEcE oF tHa PuZzLe » » yAh MiSsIn « «

iF uR sOo BoReD tHaT u TaLk AbOuT mEeH.
hErEz SuMtHiN tO do.. ClIcK yA hEeLz N sAy
"I nEeD a LyFe..I nEeD a LyFe.."

׺•.¸¨*•.¸sHaKe ThAt ThAnG mIzZ¸.•*¨¸.•º×

I gOt ThE bLiNd SeE'N mE
tHe DeAf HeArIn Me
U cOuLd Be PaRaLyZEd FrOm ThE wAiSt DoWn..
.. N u StIlL bE fEeLiN mE

JuS CuZ U SeE Me SmiLiN
DoNt MeEn ItZ CuZ Of U
So KeEp It MoVin PlAyA
Im JuS InA GooD MooD

* I Looked Him The Eye, Looked Down At His Lips,
* Moved Closer To Him And Gave Him a Kiss.

PrEtTy iN [pInK]
BeAuTiFuL iN [bLuE]
GoRgEoUs iN [gReEn]
aNd a LiL [sExY] tOo
iT dUn MaTtA wUt CoLoRz oR sTyLeZ i rOcK]
CuZ u HaTaZ wILL nEvA hAvE wUt [i GoT]

I gOt aLL tHoSe B1TcHes
sHaKiNg iN fEaR
qUiCk tOTaLk Sh1T
YeT ScArEd tO cOmE nEar

..tHis Is HoW iTs DoNe..
..My sTyLe: IdEnTiCaL 2 NoNe..