Cute Quotes... Page Five

HoOk UpS wItH wHOeVeR i WaNt
PLeNtY oF BoYs tO tEasE n TaUnT
GoT dEm AsKiN mE oUt oN dErE hAnDs n KnEeS
iM LyK *SoRRi FeLLaZ iD rAtHa bE sInGLe pLz*

WiT fLy mOvEs n A SeXy sMiLe CoMe WiT mE bOy *
-n iLL mAkE LiFe wOrThwHiLe-*

x0x.X's n O's.x.0.x.
.x0x.DyMoNdZ oN mAh ToEz.x0x.
.x0x.YoOh KnO YoOh WaNt mE.x0x. .
x0x.DrOOLiN LyKe WoaH.x0x.

B4 I DiSmISs i BoUnCe WiT a KisS
. . NoW FLiCk Da SwiTcH . .
* * ||_LiTeZ OuT_|| * *

mY sTyLe iS gHeTto, pReP, & pUnKy ToO
AiNt No dIfF bEtWeEn ThE 3
iTs HoW u RoCk'eM bOo

PeRrTy FaCe
NiCe RoUnD bOoTy
YuP tHaTs RiGgHhTt
I’m (CaLiFoRniA’s) CuTie

LoOk At Me
sExy As CaN bE
gOt Ur MaN gOiNg
"U WaNnA gEt WiT mE?"
Every One Thinks Me Being So Innocent n Sweet Is True..
HaHa...No One Knows What LiL Me Has Been Up tO!!

i just nEeda mAKe iTt cLeAr >> uSs
qErLss d0n`t nEed liqu0r oRr bEer
[ we just nAtuRa|ly Fuked upp ]

a liDdLe oNe r0ckiN' tHe piNk - -
i'M a [( g O o d )] qerL .. wink* wink*

This night is wild,
so calm and dull,
these hearts they race,
from self control.

-bOyZ CaLL Me dA FaNtAsY MaKa-
-ByTcHeZ CaLL Me dA BoYfRiEnD tAkA-

×´¨¨)We ThA giRLz ThAt WeAr AbErCrOmBiE & fItCH ¸.•´
¸.•´¨)cUtE LiL bOdY,tHiCk wAisTe, LuSciOUs liPS ¸.•´
¸.•´¨)yA'll giRlZ bE hAtIn On Us,tAlKiN & mAKiN a FuSs (¸.•´
(__bUt GiRl,iF u hAtIn sO mUcH,wHy We sEe U tRyNa ImAtAtE uS?

BoYz sAyIn DeY wAnNa gEt wId dIs bAbY
WeLL dErEz oNe CoNdItIoN...
*iTz aLL aBoUt [ Me ]*

Boyz bEe GiVn MeH DoUbLe gLaNcEs
aNd AskiN mE TOo gIvE Dem priVaTe DaNzEs
I jUs bE lYk NaH cHiLl sOn YeW mUss bEe oUtTah yAh dAmN mYnD
ThEy Be Lyk 'BuT baYbY i ThINK bOuT cHu ALL tHa TiME!'