Cute Quotes... Page Four

SeE I'm HoOkEd On
HoW YoU fLeX YoUr StyLe
AnD i WaNnA TaLk FoR a LiTtLe WhiLe
I nEvEr ReaLLy SeEn YoUr TyPe
BuT i MuSt AdMiT ThAt i KiNdA LiKe
So MaYbE iF YoU HaVe ThE TiMe
We CouLd TaLk AbOuT YoU BeIn My..
.x. SwEeT bAbY .x.

i dUn tAKe ShYt..i StRiCtLy bRiNg tHa hEat
mOraL oF tHa stOry iZ - fUck aRoUnD AnD yA bEaT

I'm NuTTiN BuT -oRiGiNaL-
N aLL u ByTcHeZ wHo0 TrY 2 B LyK Me
Iz JuS s0 -PiTiFuL-

CHecK YaSeLf B4 Ya ReCk YaSeLf
CuZ MeSSiN w/ DiS ByTcH Be BaD FoR Ya HeALtH

i dOnT aSk No1 2 ShAre Ma BeLiEfz Or haNdLe Ma BeEf iM A Tru cHiCc - i sTaNd On My oWn 2 FeEt

¤·* *·¤ Don't yell at your boyfriend if he stares as I pass. *·¤
*·¤ Cuz hunny I can't help it I was born with this ass¤·*

...DoN'T tEaSe Me...
.JuSt pLeEzE mE.
cUz FiNdIn A gUrL lIkE mE aInT eAsY

yOuz HoOkEd On CrAcK
yOuz HoOkEd On WeED
yOuz HoOkEd On PhOnIcS
AnD yOu sTiLL cAnT rEaD

(( iM diStUrBeD eNoUgH aLrEaDy ))

X..oOo BoY..hOw CuTe aRe u?..X
X..WiT dEm SeXy LiL ThAnGz u Do..X
X..BaBi BoY iS SiCkA dEn Da FLu..X
X..GrLz WiSh DeY hAd YoU tOo..X

KiSs hIm - DiSs hIm - ScReW hiM - DiTcH hIm
iTz nOt LyK iLL eVeR MiSs hiM
GeT hIm aLL wOrKeD uP n TeLL hIm WeRe tHrU
WhO sEd GiRLz CaNt bE PLaYaZ tOo?

qOt sweetness flOwin lyk water
she aint nO dyme shez a mOthafuccin quarter

***iMa sTaY reaL & tHaS a prOmiSe***
***i kNo iMa BiTcH BuT aT LeAsT iM hOnEsT***

Take chances. be young. go crazy. drive fast.
kiss slow. no regrets. all fun. live your life.

*! Im TaStY LiKe a SuNdAe WiTh a ChErRy On ToP ! * *..ShAkE MaH BoOtY n DrOp iT LiKe ItS HoTt..

I've got them cruel intentions
Them perfct affectionz
I'm the bitch causin your guys Erectionz.