Cute Quotes... Page Three

CuTe eNuFF Ta MayK u LooK TWiCe
SWeeT eNuFF BuH NoT Too NyCe
a LiL CRaZi BuT NoT WiLD
Da bLuE eyeD CuTie DaTZ MaKiN ya
* S M i L e *

I wiSh i knEw [exaCtLy] waHh tO say sO i cuD be thE wun to taKe yOur breatH awAy

iD ratHer bEe hiS lOve buH iD ratHer bEe his friend than nutHun

wahH is love and wahtH duz it define whos to say nd whos to draw the liNe and within this world and all its [fuSs] whos to say if its luv or a simple crush

iM AfRaiD t0o bEe aLoNe DaTs mY FCukiN PrObLeM i aLwAyZ need da -i LuV uz and tHEe - "i nEed yOuZz" KiSs . aNd . CuDdLe haNd hoLdin & lOng huGgzz caN yOu givE mE awL thaa?

*Do i ReaLLy LoVe HiM oR aM i JuST

*NeXT TiMe u THiNK youR

- Senior Drivers -
- No Survivors -
- Get Off The Sidewalk -

" PaRtY LiKe A RoCk-StAr..
...KiCk A LittLe AsS "....

dunt foll0wmah footstepz... i walk in2 wallz

Im not tryin' 2 be mean...
but u need sum listerine.
Not a sip, not a swallow,
but dat whole damn bottle

-TrYiN 2 tHrOw diRt oN mY nAmE?-
_pLoTiN 2 rUiN mY rEp?_
..bYTcH iLL bEaT U To..

~An apple a day keeps the doctor away..
but if the doctor is cute...screw the fruit~

Chics wanna be me,
Guyz wanna date me,
If jealousy is all ur about
then go ahead and hate me!

aLL u GuYz sHouLd HaNg a PiC oF mE oN YuR WaLL
iN LuViN meMoRy oF tHa DaYz i pLAyEd YoU aLL
SeE I'm HoOkEd On
HoW YoU fLeX YoUr StyLe
AnD i WaNnA TaLk FoR a LiTtLe WhiLe
I nEvEr ReaLLy SeEn YoUr TyPe
BuT i MuSt AdMiT ThAt i KiNdA LiKe
So MaYbE iF YoU HaVe ThE TiMe
We CouLd TaLk AbOuT YoU BeIn My..
.x. SwEeT bAbY .x.

i dUn tAKe ShYt..i StRiCtLy bRiNg tHa hEat
mOraL oF tHa stOry iZ - fUck aRoUnD AnD yA bEaT